Principal’s News

Prayer for Australia

God of holy Dreaming, Great Creator Spirit,

from the dawn of creation, you have given your

children the good things of Mother Earth.

You spoke, and the gum tree grew.

In the vast desert and dense forest,

and in cities at the water’s edge,

Creation sings your praise.

Your presence endures as the rock at the heart of our Land.

When Jesus hung on the tree

you heard the cries of all your people

and became one with your wounded ones:

the convicts, the hunted, and the dispossessed.

The sunrise of your Son coloured the earth anew,

and bathed it in glorious hope.

In Jesus we have been reconciled to you,

to each other and to your whole creation.

Lead us on, Great Spirit,

As we gather from the four corners of the    earth;

Enable us to walk together in trust

from the hurt of the past

into the full day which has dawned in Jesus Christ.



Brigidine College Sorry Day Commemoration

The Sorry Day Commemoration liturgy (next Friday) is a special opportunity to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land, the Turribal and Jagera peoples, on which we gathered to pay our respects to Elders both past and present.

‘As Brigidines, we stand in reverence for the community of life. And we will continue to work to further compassion and justice for humanity and for the earth’

(2001 Congregational Forum)

We are fortunate that our community shares in an opportunity for peace and healing to be present so that our interconnectedness through the spirit of St Brigid and our wider Australian community might be part of our everyday life. We celebrate the giftedness of our Indigenous sisters and brothers, and together we can reflect on our past, forge links with the present and provide for ongoing connections into the future. Many thanks to Mr Andrew Beiers, Dean of Faith and Mission and Ms Claire Nelson for assisting the student leaders for their wonderful leadership and care.

“A future where all Australians, whatever their origins, are truly equal partners, with equal opportunities and with an equal stake in shaping the next chapter in the history of this great country, Australia. There comes a time in the history of nations when their peoples must become fully reconciled to their past if they are to go forward with confidence to embrace their future.” Kevin Rudd, 13 Feb. 2008

Years 5 and 6, 2024

As I presented to the staff last Monday, there has been much work in preparing for the introduction of Years 5 and 6 in 2024. It has been wonderful to witness the numbers of enrolments grow as well as the planned changes for next year. Key decisions and areas for ongoing consideration include:

  • Architectural Drawings – refurbishments to Duvac and Brigid centres
  • Learning programs – Unit guides and resourcing
  • Timetable – Learning and daily programs
  • Core and Specialist learning options
  • Cocurricular programs / Music / STEM programs
  • Staffing requirements – Teachers / Admin Aide
  • Faith and Formation programs
  • ADL Support for Years 5 and 6
  • Buddy Programs / Camps
  • Learning with Care – Formation / Counselling programs
  • Primary / Sporting uniforms
  • Laptops – digital access
  • Classroom / extended learning spaces
  • Bathroom / Tuckshop / playground access
  • Interactions with the secondary school
  • Links to secondary school House structure and College events

As with all students at Brigidine College, the introduction of Years 5 and 6 will build on the legacy of those who are currently enrolled and those who have gone before (Alumnae)

It is an exciting time to prepare for the new students in 2024, for they will certainly bring an energy and enthusiasm for all of us to share

Brendan Cahill


Dean of Students

Term 2 is a unique time in the school year, a very busy but action-packed term. I always enjoy the Term 2 energy with a lot of College Events including Year 11 Social Evening, College Open Day, Year 8 Kokoda Formation Day and many more day-to-day activities such as Peer Mentors from Year 11 visiting Year 7 Formation classes that make the College an exciting place to be.  

The busy nature of Term 2 can often be challenging, particularly as we enter the business end of the Term with exams and assessment.  

Every day counts

Did you know?  

  • Missing one day of school each week adds up to 2 months missed over a year. 
  • Regular school attendance increases access to learning, helps maintain friendships, and results in better long-term life outcomes.

What parents can do? 

  • Talk about your child about the importance of showing up to school every day and make that the expectation.
  • Help your teenager maintain daily routines such as finishing homework and getting a good night’s sleep. On average, teenagers need 8-9 hours sleep to be healthy and alert. You may also need to monitor their use of the Internet, mobile phone and TV at night to ensure they are not staying up too late or being disturbed while sleeping.

Remember… You can talk with College staff (such as the students classroom teacher, home room teacher, House Leader, Learning Leader or Program Leader for Middle School and Senior School) to find out what assistance they can provide to keep your teenager attending and engaged. 

Useful websites  

  • Spark their Future 
  • Ten Hints for Creating Resilient Families uploads/2014/08/Ten-Resilience-Hints.pdf 
  • The Australian Parenting Website

Mrs Dani Sprenger

Dean of Students

News from the Director of Sport

Term 3 Sport Registration 

Registration for Term 3 CaSSSA & GBC Sport is now open via the Community Portal.  All season dates and competition information can be found in the Handbooks and the Term 3 Training Schedule on the College App. 

CaSSSA (Wednesday afternoon) 

  • Senior Basketball- Year 11 & Year 12 
  • Junior Basketball- Year 7 & Year 8 
  • Football- Year 7 to Year 12 
  • Senior Touch Football- Year 11 & Year 12 
  • Intermediate Touch Football- Year 9 & Year 10 

GBC (Saturday morning) 

  • Junior, Intermediate & Senior Volleyball- Year 7 to Year 12 
  • Junior, Intermediate & Senior Touch Football- Year 7 to Year 12 

Trials- CaSSSA 

  • CaSSSA Senior Basketball- Wednesday 7 June 6:30am to 8:00am; Kildare Hall 
  • CaSSSA Senior Touch Football- Wednesday 7 June 6:30am to 8:00am; Taringa Rovers FC Field 2 
  • CaSSSA Football- Tuesday 6 June 3:30pm to 5:00pm; Taringa Rovers FC Field 2 
  • CaSSSA Intermediate Touch Football- Wednesday 7 June 6:30am to 8:00am; Taringa Rovers FC Field 2 
  • CaSSSA Junior Basketball- Monday 5 June 3:30pm to 5:00pm; Kildare Hall 

Trials- GBC 

  • GBC Junior Volleyball- Thursday 15 June 3:30pm to 5:00pm; Kildare Hall 
  • GBC Intermediate Volleyball- Friday 9 June 6:30am to 8:00am; Brigid Court 
  • GBC Senior Volleyball- Friday 9 June 6:30am to 8:00am; Kildare Hall 
  • GBC Junior Touch Football- Thursday 15 June 6:30am to 8:00am; Taringa Rovers FC Field 2 
  • GBC Intermediate Touch Football- Thursday 15 June 6:30am to 8:00am; Taringa Rovers FC Field 2 
  • GBC Senior Touch Football- Thursday 15 June 6:30am to 8:00am; Taringa Rovers FC Field 2 

Registration for all 2023 Term 3 CaSSSA and GBC Sports will close on Friday 26 May at 5:00pm. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Sport Department! 

Rugby 7’s 

2023 Rugby 7’s Registration is now open via the Community Portal! 

Please see below important Term 2 dates: 

  • Training commences- Wednesday 10 May; 6:30am at Taringa Rovers FC F2 
  • Weekly competition commences- Thursday 18 May; 3:30pm at GPS Rugby Club  
  • Payment due- Friday 16 June 

Please ensure you register via the Community Portal to attend training on Wednesdays.  Payment is not due until Friday 16 June. 

If you have any questions regarding the Rugby 7’s program, please do not hesitate to contact the Sport Department. 

GBC Cross Country

Congratulations to our Cross Country team on their performance at GBC Cross Country on Thursday.  The outstanding results show the depth of talent in our team this year, which is a credit to our students and their commitment to the program.

Brigidine College and Ambrose Treacy College won the Aggregate Co-Ed Champions, ending Sheldon College’s seven year winning streak.

Team Results

  • Secondary Girls Champions
  • 13 years Champions
  • 14 years Champions
  • 15 years Champions

Individual Results

  • 13 years 1st– Krissy J
  • 13 years 2nd– Alicia N
  • 14 years 3rd– Bella P
  • 15 years 2nd– Rachel M
  • 15 years 3rd– Rosie S
  • 16 years 3rd– Lara M
  • Opens 2nd– Emma N

Thank you to our coaches, staff and supporters.  We look forward to CaSSSA Cross Country to be held on Thursday 25 May.  Good luck team!

Rebecca Horne

Director of Sports

Chanel’s Year of Courage 

This year has been a blast so far for Chanel House! On the last day of Term 1, everyone competed in the Interhouse Cross Country Carnival. Chanel has won since 2021 so the pressure was on. We gave it out all and came out as the champions for the third year in a row! Us prefects are so incredibly proud of the involvement and enthusiasm everyone showed on the day. Everyone was walking or running in the fun run with their friends and some tunes! 

For the Patron Day Festival, Chanel was selling popcorn and homemade brownies, with all proceeds going to Project Compassion. On top of this, we ran a stall where participants dipped their fingers in red, orange or yellow paint to create a flame on canvas! It was a reminder to all students that we have the courage to light the flame within ourselves.  

We began our new term with Chanel House Mass in week 3. We appreciated everyone’s effort in making it possible and were proud of everyone’s participation. In house assemblies we’ve been sharing our talents as we ‘Risk it for the Biscuit!’ We are so excited to continue our year of Courage in Chanel House! 

Lili and Piper 

Spirit Cup – Friday 12 May 2023

Last Friday, over 75 Senior school students participated in the Spirit Cup with Ambrose Treacy College.

It was a great volleyball tournament with ATC. We had mixed teams, and the volley were fast and furious. We walked to ATC after school, made somewhat easier by Mrs Jeffcoat taking our bags around in the bus. Great to see Katelyn Sa and Marnie Nottingham who came along with us. Girls who appreciate sport!








Eva Beesley doing the worm – while wearing the lion suit.

Maya Brittain’s powerful serves.

Elianne Hamilton’s saves.

The sausages – hot, tasty and plenty of them!

Who won? We forget, it was more about fun and connection than winning. So, let’s do it again!

Tara Bissett

Japanese Exchange students coming soon!

Would your family be interested in hosting a Japanese Exchange student – opportunities for either one or five week host opportunities. Students will be visiting from our sister school, Kamakura Women’s University High School. Please reach out to Nathan and Sachiko with any questions – text 0414 702 402 or email: ‘Brigidine” together with your name and email address and they will provide more information.

What’s Coming Up?

Today-Sunday – Brookfield Show The Brookfield Show, the biggest, little country show around is set to amaze and delight show-goers across three jam-packed days from May 19-21.

For all Show information, from Competitions to Entertainment, Trade Space, Sponsors and how to buy tickets, visit here:



Moggill Marathon – Sunday!

The Moggill Marathon 2023 event is on this weekend! Good luck to all participating – make sure you say ‘Hi’ to Ms Horne and her trusty volunteers on the Drinks station and to Mr Cahill who is doing the 5km walk!

26-27 May – Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Queensland’s largest Careers & Employment Event is open on May 26 & 27, 2023 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.  The Expo will host over 130 organisations and employers with career opportunities for all ages.  Entry’s Free. For more information or to register visit the website.