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The Tullow Resource Centre seeks to cater to the ever-changing needs of students, teachers and the curriculum offered at Brigidine.

Named after the town, Tullow in Ireland, the Resource Centre provides a welcoming environment where we aim to promote literacy development, foster enquiry based learning and support classroom teachers with the integration of ICTs in their teaching.

Tullow Resource Centre, College Library

Monday to Friday: 7:30am – 6:00pm


Please visit the College library’s website for more information about our library services.

Supporting the Learning Process

In this age defined by connectivity, the library supports college teaching and learning programs that aim to empower students by providing opportunities for critical thinking, meaningful creation of knowledge and a deeper understanding of complex world issues.

Students are assisted to develop information and digital literacies that provide opportunities for them to become independent researchers as well as to construct their own learning. Library staff provide specialised assistance with assignments through classes in the effective use of web search tools, reference and bibliography skills and the location of relevant and useful information.

Promoting Reading

The library aims to encourage reading for both learning and for leisure. The single biggest impact on a student’s literacy can come from her involvement in voluntary reading and Brigidine enthusiastically supports all students to read and enjoy the journey of discovery.

An excellent collection of up-to-date fiction and non-fiction texts support the curricular and recreational needs of students and teachers.

Audio-visual and Digital Resources

Brigidine College subscribes to Click view. This enables students to access a substantial collection of educational programs. These are supplemented by a large number of DVDs. The Oliver catalogue contains thousands of educational websites.

The Tullow Resource Centre also subscribes to a variety of online databases, with access to information through these electronic databases integral to parts of education today. Online databases provide ready and easy access to current, reliable and authoritative information that is so critical to the 21st Century needs of students and teachers.

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