Year 11-12

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Brigidine College offers quality educational pathway options for our young women embarking on their Senior Phase of Learning – plus we have a solid track record of delivering strong academic results compared to other Brisbane schools.

Students interested in university courses elect to complete an ATAR Pathway, whilst students more interested in vocational education or direct employment may choose other pathways such as SAT, or a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship.

We work with our students collaboratively to ensure they can achieve the SET (Senior Education and Training) Plans they created for their final years or evolve them as needs or interests change. In Year 12 each student has ongoing one-on-one mentoring with a teacher.

Throughout these final two years, we continue to engender a love of learning and promote our students’ sense of belonging, self-esteem and resilience. We do this through a broad range of subjects, wellbeing programs, cocurricular and extra-curricular offerings across an array of interest areas.

Years 11 and 12 Curriculum Overview

Core Program
  • Religious Education – choose one of
    • Study of Religion or
    • Religion and Ethics SAS*
  • English – choose one of
    • English or
    • Literature or
    • Essential English*
  • Mathematics – choose one of
    • General Mathematics or
    • Mathematical Methods or
    • Essential Maths

Students are required to study a core program of Religious Education, Mathematics and English in Years 11 and 12. They are also invited to select three elective subjects to study over the final two years of their schooling at Brigidine College. Please see the Curriculum Guide below for a comprehensive breakdown of the multiple subjects on offer for our students.

Alternatively, students can choose a School-Based Apprenticeship or Traineeships (SAT) or a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification. See here.

Curriculum Guides

Year 11 and 12 Curriculum Guide
Year 11 and 12 2024 Curriculum Guide
VET Handbook

We are with our Seniors all the way

Everything we have done with and for our student in Years 7 to 10 is magnified when we they get to Years 11 and 12. We are their biggest cheerleaders and challengers as we ensure that our students stay true to their vision and can graduate as women of our time.

Wellbeing Program

Students in Years 7-12 engage in one Wellbeing lesson per week as part of their core program.

Year 11

In Year 11, our Solas Bhride (Light of St Brigid) wellbeing program covers key aspects of time management, planning, pressure and balance that are at the core of a successful adaption to senior learning.

Year 12

The final year’s program is all about shaping women who “will make a difference in the world as self-confident, flexible and compassionate adults”. It helps them with the challenges of Year 12 and life beyond school and includes personal responsibility, leadership, mindfulness and other valuable life skills.


At Brigidine, we recognise the important role of mentoring. In Year 12, each student has a teacher mentor who meets with them one-on-one at least once a term to help them reflect on their academic progress, their learning and their post‐school goals. There are also Year 11 Learning mentors, who assist Year 7 and 8 students with study time each week. These students are trained in the skills to listen and help problem solve in a variety of contexts, with further support available from the College Counsellors. The peer mentors are available to all students and are much valued amongst the school community.

Impressive Academic Results

Every year, 97% of Year 12 OP eligible graduates are offered their first or second preference for tertiary placements. We are delighted for them, as we know how hard they work. We are delighted that our overall Brisbane school academic results are so high. With effective study skills, weekly ‘Optima’ lessons and focused ‘individual learning plans’, Brigidine students are ready to succeed in all forms of assessment. On top of this, in 2017 65% of our Year 12 students also gained VET qualifications to enrich their learning and increase their post school options.

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