Mission Statement

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We follow the example of St Brigid, a woman of vision and courage, who actively challenged the social, political and cultural structures of her time.

We commit ourselves to the education and empowerment of young women within the framework and challenge of Catholic philosophy. In living our mission, we will:

  • Be faithful to our relationship with God in Jesus Christ.
  • Engender a love of learning, hope and a sense of purpose.
  • Celebrate the uniqueness of each person in our community through justice and service.
  • Welcome all people in the Brigidine tradition of ‘Strength and Gentleness’.

Brigidine College Core Values

At Brigidine College, we endeavour to re-interpret the Brigidine vision for a future generation of strong and gentle young women. In living this vision, our staff and our students will:

  • Be faithful to our Catholic heritage
  • Welcome all people, especially the most vulnerable
  • Celebrate all that is good with joy and gratitude
  • Engender a love of learning, hope and a sense of purpose
  • Model and practise justice and service

Nothing is as strong as real gentleness; nothing is as gentle as real strength.

St Francis de Sales

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