Leadership within Brigidine College enables our young women to develop and hone their skills of responsibility, teamwork, compassion and fairness.

The College provides many opportunities for students to experience and exhibit leadership.

Brigidine has a College Captain, Mission Captain, Arts Captain, a Sports Captain. These roles are supported by Academic, Mission, Arts and Sports Ambassadors. House Prefects support each of the Houses at Brigidine.

Leadership is a responsibility of all Senior students, with leadership training provided to all Senior students in the Formation Program. All Year 9 students are invited to participate in a range of leadership opportunities and are subsequently presented with a Middle Leadership Award when achievement and participation have been accomplished.

The College Captains encourage all Brigidine students to demonstrate leadership through student voice initiatives. All students are encouraged to be proactive, to have something meaningful to say about issues that are important to them, and to make a difference. Students are invited to participate in the Sisters Inspiring Sisters group, which meets to voice ideas and consider options for advocacy and continual improvement.