The first female Prosthodontist Specialist academic at The University of Queensland in the University’s history.

Ambereen graduated from Brigidine College in 1996, with several awards and prizes in the science and maths arena. This led to her tertiary studies at The University of Queensland in Dentistry, and then postgraduate studies at the University of Texas in San Antonio, USA.

She returned to the University of Queensland in 2010 as the first female Prosthodontist Specialist academic in the University’s history and currently remains as such. In 2015 as the dental school began its new operations in Herston as the Oral Health Centre on the medical school campus, Ambereen was entrusted with Discipline Lead in her specialty and was able to singlehandedly rewrite the undergraduate curriculum for the subject of prosthodontics.

Her teachers have always been her inspiration for becoming a teacher herself and she owes her personal successes to these influences in her life.

Ambereen also enjoys creative writing in her spare time. She has recollections of the most wonderful lessons of high school English with Mrs. Brosnan and studying The Great Gatsby, amongst other classics. She published a covid themed children’s picture book based on true stories of hope in 2020. To pay homage to her research roots, the book contains references of each story as it appeared. A copy can be found at the College library.

Ambereen has maintained part-time private practice at Indooroopilly for the last 12 years and regularly sees young ladies from Brigidine waiting to take the bus home when the school day ends, reminding her of her days at the College. She has maintained life long friendships with her high school friends, and values the qualities the school stands for which have served her well throughout her life.