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Please use the ‘How to’ Videos below for help with accessing the College’s commonly-used IT systems and programs
How to use SEQTA Learn

This video will demonstrate how to use SEQTA Learn

  • Tabs: welcome, notices, portals and settings
  • Timetable & colour coding timetable
  • Direct messages (sending and receiving)
How to use Outlook to access support

This video will demonstrate how to access Outlook to send an email to IT and access support

How to - OneDrive and File Explorer

This video will demonstrate how to use OneDrive and File Explorer

  • OneDrive and Office 365
  • Sync to device and viewing in File Explorer
  • Setting up folders
  • Saving work
How to - Microsoft Teams for Learning

This video will demonstrate how to access and use Microsoft Teams for Learning

  • Accessing Teams via Windows
  • Changing the layout of Teams into tiles via settings
  • Accessing posts and using appropriate language
  • Turning on notifications for each class team
  • Accessing files
  • Attending meetings via Teams, video on & off.
How to - Class OneNote

This video will demonstrate Class OneNote

  • Opening from Teams
  • Opening from Desktop app
  • Pinning to the taskbar
  • Collaboration space
  • Content library
  • Student workbook
  • Moving sections
  • Tags
  • File Printout
  • Draw, erase and lasso
  • Undo, copy and paste shortcuts
  • Opening a class onenote if you receive a hotswap
How to - Parent support to access SEQTA Engage and further IT information

This video shows parents the functions of SEQTA Engage,

  • Assessment information and results
  • Student’s courses and lesson outlines
  • Absence record
  • Direqt Messages (during Learning At Home, teachers will be sending parents a copy of the work set for students through Direqt Messages. There is no need to respond)
  • Student goals
  • Portals such as for the Sophia Centre for wellbeing resources for students and families
  • Storage of student files in the cloud (OneDrive)
  • IT Support email address
  • Mandatory laptop bags
  • Repair of laptops and insurance excess
How to - Accessing Middle School Assessment information
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