Preservice Teacher Opportunities

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Brigidine College Preservice Teaching opportunities

Teachers are innovators and inspire many people in a world of increasing change. They nurture and support each other to build student capacity; to be resilient people who display compassion, care and well-being to enhance skills and competencies required to have a positive change in our world. QCT Director Deanne Fishburn stated,

“Teaching is not for everyone. It is for the brilliant, the creative, the empathetic, the adaptable, the resilient and the smart.”


Hence, we have a duty to early career teachers to help cultivate, develop and build them to be these outstanding citizens. Brigidine College’s commitment to early career teachers is to help guide their practice, build partnerships and raise the public’s perception of our most worthy profession. Brigidine College is a leading Catholic school dedicated to developing girls through academic excellence, personal endeavours, as well as faith and service to be ‘women of our time.’ The staff of our College uphold values that promote care to one another and our environment whilst emphasising our responsibility to ‘walk with’ our community.

Discover more about the opportunities for early career teachers below.



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