Programs of Excellence

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At Brigidine, our Programs of Excellence have been developed to support and extend students in a range of curriculum areas. The College currently offers three Programs of Excellence with more planned for the future.


Compass – Years 7 – 9

The Compass Program for our High Potential Middle School students is developed around rigorous and challenging learning experiences to further stimulate their learning to further stimulate their learning across the core learning areas of Mathematics, Science, Religion, Humanities, and English.


LASER – Year 7 (cocurricular-based) and Year 8 (curriculum-based)

LASER stands for ‘Learning and Advancement in Science, Engineering and Research’ and is a unique Excellence cocurricular program for Year 7 students and curriculum program for Year 8 students who are looking to engage with real world problem-solving. Using the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), this Program encourages students to work collaboratively using the Design Thinking Process to instigate change and develop solutions to problems that plague communities and the environment.


Honours – Year 10

The Honours program is an academic enrichment and extension program for Year 10 students. Offered across Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Religion, Humanities and English the Honours Program is designed for students who want to be challenged in their learning. With extended learning opportunities, Honours students are striving for academic excellence.


Find out more about the Compass, LASER and Honours Programs below.

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