The House System

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Brigidine’s house system promotes a sense of belonging and community for all the students and contributes to their wellbeing and care whilst at College.

Upon starting at Brigidine, a student joins one of six Houses that becomes her family at school. Houses are led by an experienced and caring Pastoral Leader and include students as well as staff. Each student belongs to a Home Room within their House, which is led by a Home Room teacher.  The Home Room teacher is always the first point of contact for parents regarding any pastoral issues relating to their daughters.

Students meet with their Home Room for 20 minutes each morning before other classes begin. Home Room is an important time of the day for our students as they can attend to day-to-day administration and pastoral care issues. Each Home Room consists of students from Years 7-12, so every year level engages and interacts regularly at Brigidine. This builds a connection between staff and students, contributing to the settled and inclusive environment for learning that is characteristic of the College. Years 11 and 12 students serve as role models in each Home Room group.

Students are allocated to one of six houses.

Chanel House is named after St Peter Chanel who is the patron saint of Oceania. He worked as a missionary in the Pacific until he died in 1841 where, following his death, many converted to Christianity.

Chanel’s symbol is a flame, reflecting the lamp of learning and the eternal flame of St Brigid’s Lamp in Ireland. Their motto is “The Fire Within”. Chanel House is inspired by the Kildare Ministries value of Compassion.


Delany House is named after Bishop Daniel Delany who founded the Brigidine Sisters in Ireland in 1807. He saw the need for people to have the rights and benefits of a Christian education.

Delany’s symbol is a lion signifying the great pride in all that the Delany students do and their motto is “Stride with Pride”. Delany House lives by the Kildare Ministries value of Courage.


Damien House is named after St Damien of Molokai. He moved to the island of Molokai to work with lepers where he transformed the island into a community of respect and dignity.

Damien’s symbol is the Eagle and their motto is “Power and Grace”.  Damien students aim high to achieve their goals. Damien House is inspired by the Kildare Ministries value of Compassion.

De Porres

De Porres House is named after St Martin De Porres, the patron saint of social justice. He is a great role model for service and mission to those in need.

The De Porres House symbol is the Dragon and their motto is “We soar above the rest”. De Porres House upholds the Kildare Ministries value of Hope.


Foley House is named after Mother Brigid Foley, the first College Principal from 1929 to 1933.  Mother Brigid’s passion was education.  She was known as an excellent teacher, providing training in both academic pursuits and character.

The symbols adopted by Foley House are an open book and a heart, symbolising Mother Brigid’s love of education for all.  Their motto is “One Heart, One Spirit”. Foley House acknowledges the Kildare Ministries value of Wonder.


Australia’s first saint, Mary MacKillop is the patron of MacKillop House. She was an ordinary woman who did extraordinary things. Students in MacKillop aspire as Mary did to “never see a need without doing something about it.”

The symbol of MacKillop is the Phoenix and their motto is “Our Spirit Never Dies” which reflects the perseverance of students in MacKillop House. MacKillop House puts into effect the Kildare Ministries value of Justice.

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