Be Brave. Be True. Be You.

Be Brave. Be True. Be You.2022-08-18T10:08:13+10:00

Embracing the opportunities of Secondary School.

Moving to Secondary School for young women is exciting, challenging and for some, terrifying. On their journey from girls to young women they grow intellectually, make lasting friendships, experience new adventures and establish their independence. But first they have to find their feet.

We acknowledge this excitement and trepidation and are here to support each and every young woman.

Meet Madeleine Harris

Madeleine is one of our Brigidine students. Hear what she has to say about life at Brigidine College.

At Brigidine we create an environment where young women are confident and courageous, open and honest, and uniquely themselves. For by being themselves, they are able to bring their true gifts to life.

In such an environment, safety and trust are paramount. Being prepared to try is encouraged and to falter or fail is fine, because sometimes that is the only way we gain insight. Being able to reflect, separate the emotion and develop a level-head for assessment is an essential life skill. And being able to dream, for oneself and for others, is the first step in achieving greatness.


This is our culture. This is our teachers.
This is our young women. And this is our theme:
Be Brave. Be True. Be You.

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