Why a Girls-Only School

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At Brigidine College, we believe that young women have greater opportunities and perform better in an all girls environment. We also believe that a school guided by the values of the Catholic faith and social justice practices of St Brigid, set our girls’ school apart from any other in Queensland.

Parents who have been closely involved in other schools, through teaching positions, P&F committees, sporting carnivals and family interactions, all declare there is something quite special about a Brigidine girl. Such is the fine example of committed students, that Brigidine’s young women are welcome in all settings and workplaces.

At our College we focus on providing the right environment for a positive, vibrant and caring culture, where the right experiences provide young women the opportunities to discover themselves and their world. The right teaching and learning framework for strong academic results allows her to shape whatever future she wants.

Research proves why a girls’ only education is best for girls

Academically, research shows that, in an all girls school, young women are more likely to study – and do better in – science, technology and maths – and more likely to pursue university studies and careers in STEM fields.

We are committed to offering a girls only education in Brisbane that provides young women with more opportunities to develop their confidence, leadership and sense of equality.

Additional positive benefits of a girls’ only school

Physically, young women at single sex schools are also more likely and encouraged to do sports and benefit from the health and mental benefits that ensue. Socially, strong positive relationships provide an ever-changing world with opportunities to flourish.

Importantly at Brigidine, young women can be themselves as they continue to grow and develop. They feel like they are in a safe, welcoming and embracing environment. They are free to try harder and compete in any situation, without fear of failure. They are free to follow their faith. They are more confident in taking risks as they are supported and encouraged by their peers. Young women are more likely to become self-confident, self-reliant, more courageous and more resilient.

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