The LASER Program of Excellence

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The LASER Program of Excellence

Learning Advancement in Science, Engineering and Research – LASER

The LASER Programs of Excellence is a selective entry Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) offering for Middle School students. A project-based program informed by the Australian Curriculum, LASER provides students with opportunities to use critical and creative thinking skills to respond to real world challenges. This integrated subject builds student confidence in ideating solutions, prototyping, and communicating ideas and collaborating.


LASER provides students with the confidence to research and explore complex real-world challenges. In refining their research and application skills, students will develop a more empathetic understanding of the world and their role as a global citizen. Students will be challenged to engage with technologies to solve problems, but to also consider ways to effectively communicate ideas for change.

The LASER Student

LASER is open to all students with an interest in Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics. The coursework for the program is best suited to students who:

  • engage with creative thinking to solving complex problems.
  • embrace uncertainty and take risks with their learning.
  • invest in collaborating with others to ideate solutions.
  • demonstrate independent learning skills and resilience.
  • seek solutions using technology.

LASER is offered as a cocurricular opportunity for Year 7 students and as a yearlong elective program for Year 8 students.

All applications are considered on merit. Students do not have to have previous experience with STEM to be eligible to apply.




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