LASER Year 7: A Cocurricular program

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LASER Year 7 – A Cocurricular program

LASER Year 7 is a Cocurricular Program of Excellence for Year 7 students looking to engage with real world problem-solving in a once a week after school program.

Guided by the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, students will investigate a variety of challenges – from disease, climate change, poverty, hunger, gender equality, sustainability, and marine health and ecological disasters – at a local, national and or international scale. Students will select a topic of interest and work collaboratively, using the Design Thinking Process, to define the problem in their area of interest and identify how technology can be used to limit or reduce the impacts of the challenge on people and the environment. Students will then pitch their solutions for change to the College community for feedback.

LASER students will refine their research skills, learn how to code using Micro:bits, explore the features of Adobe, and develop an understanding of how to use 3D printing and laser cutting to create prototypes. Students will also receive guidance on how to pitch their ideas whilst also taking on constructive feedback.

Running for one afternoon a week across Semester 2 2023, LASER is a unique opportunity for Year 7 students to engage with STEM to solve problems that matter to them and to instigate the change they want to see in their world.

Applications for 2023 intake have closed.



How to Apply

Entry to the LASER Program is by application and testing.

The purpose of the application is to better understand each student’s interest in STEM and problem solving, guided by the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The application requires students to respond to the following statement in a creative and engaging way:

Explain how you could use STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – to solve a problem you or another individual or group experiences.

The submission must include:

  • A clear statement of the problem to be solved.
  • Explanation of how STEM could be used to solve the problem.
  • Annotated sketch of the prototyped solution.
  • Endorsed by a parent or caretaker.

Written submissions should not be more than 600 words in length and videos should be no longer than 3 minutes

The submission can be:

  • Completed individually or in a group of up to three students (each student is required to make a submission with parental or care giver endorsement).
  • Creative! Consider using drawings, video, stories, animations – any way to share your ideas in an engaging and clear way.

Stuck for ideas? 

  • Is there a problem with the natural environment you would like to solve? Think rubbish, plastic waste, recycling waste.
  • Consider challenges created by inequity, for example; access to clean water or affordable food, food waste, access to health care.
  • Problems that directly impact young people, for example; climate change, ineffective public transport, access requirements for people with disabilities at events and venues like music concerts.


All students who apply for the LASER Program will complete the Inquiry and Problem Solving in STEM Contexts test. All testing will be completed at the College at the College during the school day. There is no specific revision or preparation required prior to students completing testing. The purpose of the testing is to identify student’s strengths in problem solving.


If you have any questions, contact Ms Renee Dunne or Mr Bennett.

Application form

We are now accepting applications for entrance into the LASER Excellence Program.

This cocurricular program is open to students in Year 7 only.

Please complete the Application form below.

LASER Program Application form

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      Please note, any videos should be saved as MP4 and be less than 15MB.
    • Why you should be considered for the LASER Program
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