LASER Year 8: A Curriculum program

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LASER Year 8: A Curriculum program

A year long program of study, Year 8 LASER is an engaging STEM subject covering topics including robotics, programming, space travel, responding to climate change and building resilient cities. Students are provided opportunities to engage in incursions and excursions to develop their knowledge and skills, but also complete in local, state, national and international competitions. LASER students commit to this year long program in lieu of their Arts and Technologies electives for Year 8.

Participating in Year 8 LASER will not impact your subject selection electives for Years 9 and 10. All interested students are encouraged to apply, regardless of their experience with STEM and problem solving.

Year 8 LASER Overview:

Unit 1: Robotics in the Real World.

How can we build an ethical future using AI and robotics to better society?

Competition opportunities: Robo Cup Junior Challenge or the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge.

Unit 2: Is there life on Mars?

Should we care about the universe beyond how it affects us as humans?

Competition opportunities: Junior Space Design Competition.

Unit 3: Climate Challenge.

How can technology and design prepare us for the impacts of Climate Change?

Competition opportunities: She Maps design challenges.

Unit 4: Futuristic Cities.

How can we use design principles and sustainability to make cities places that are productive and liveable?

Competition opportunities: BOP Industries build a future proof city.

How to Apply
  1. Complete an online application with parent endorsement. Note that the usual subject selection process must be complete prior to completing your LASER application. Completed applications for LASER by Friday 8 September, 2023.
  2. Complete testing during Term 4, the year prior to commencing Year 8 LASER.
  3. Students will be contacted with an outcome from their application; note that places are limited.

If you have any questions, contact Ms Renee Dunne.


Application form

Applications have now closed for 2024 entrance into the LASER Year 8 Excellence Program.

This curriculum program is open to students entering Year 8 only.


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