From the Principal


In the work of our Hands, in the desires of the heart

May the God of Creation, draw us more deeply into our own life.

May we give ourselves; our skill, our art, our vision, our life,

To the finding of treasure and to the fashioning of it.

May the Holy One who never ceases to practice the art of creating,

Keep us ever at the edge of our skills, our habits, our vision,

That we may never grow so content in our work, in our creating,

That we miss the God who is ever about to do a new thing.

Cf Jan Richardson; The Sanctuary of Women



Over recent weeks I have been interviewing many students in Years 9, 10 and 11 regarding academic scholarships, SET Plans and Leadership.  It has been truly remarkable to share in the thoughts and ideas of our amazingly positive and aspirational young women.

Brigidine College continues to strongly engage in digital learning across the curriculum, through infrastructure, devices, embedded digital pedagogies and skills, that promote relevance and immediacy. The opportunities to learn in a variety of settings provides time to consider digitalism skillsets which might also reinvigorate curiosity and wonder. Croft, A (2011, p.7) suggests ‘children actively explore other environments with encouragement and support from adults, constructing meaning in context.’ There is much to consider as schools enjoy unprecedented connections with learning, balanced with the depth of effective understandings.

With students and teachers ready to use digital tools to be in control and structure their own learning capabilities, I also am mindful that we do not discontinue strong practices that lead to deep comprehension. Pre-digital skills such a reading and handwriting also provide opportunities for our minds to ponder, to reflect and to also articulate ideas that can have a profound impact on our engagement. Class writing notes allow our minds to process and critically reflect on information and as Bruce Addison (2020) suggests, ‘writing by hand is slower and at time cumbersome but provides further access to synthesis and summarising skills.’

Students and teachers at Brigidine are wonderful agents of change and models of resilience over recent times and I know that we will continue to engage in digital spaces, built from effective models of learning across millennia.

Cocurricular Arts & Sports

Congratulations to the many students, their teachers and families for the overwhelming support for our Elementum Evening, the CaSSSA Athletics Carnival and Queensland Catholic Music Festival.

It was also wonderful to have the opportunity for some of our ensembles to perform at the Catholic Colleges Music Festival this year, with all receiving fantastic results and feedback. The College Choir received the Gold award; while our Senior vocal group, Cantare, Junior Choir, Strings Ensemble, Woodwind Ensemble and Dolce Flutes received the Silver awards in their section.

CaSSSA Track and field Interschool Carnival

Congratulations to the many students and teams involved in GBC an CaSSSA sports this term. It wonderful to see so many students actively engaged in these opportunities. The CaSSSA Cross Country and Track and Field results are below. Well done to Ms Rebecca Horne and coaches on their outstanding organisation and care of the athletes.

  • 3rd Percentage Cup
  • 5th Aggregate Cup
  • 3rd All Age Relay


2024 College Student Leadership team

Congratulations to the 2024 College Captains, Ambassadors and House Prefects who were announced at assemblies recently.

College Captain – Tiah Kalaja

Mission Captain – Jessica Persich

Arts Captain – Laura Mears

Sports Captain – Bridie Ellice

Academic Ambassador  –  Elise Gordon

Academic Ambassador  –  Georgia Lovisa

Arts Ambassador  –  Evie Gaydon

Arts Ambassador  –  Sofia Jessett

Mission Ambassador  –  Caitlin Hanlon

Mission Ambassador  –  Gemma Matthews

Sports Ambassador  –  Lara McLaren

Sports Ambassador  –  Annie Hibbert

Chanel House Prefect  –  Mony Francis

Chanel House Prefect  –  Alyssa Milburn

Damien House Prefect  –  Lucy Thorley

Damien House Prefect  –  Hannah Ward

De Porres House Prefect  –  Sophie Moran

De Porres House Prefect  –  Jayda Leis

Delany House Prefect  –  Millie Field

Delany House Prefect  –  Faith Liddelow

Foley House Prefect  –  Niamh Halpin

Foley House Prefect  –  Arcadia Timbs

MacKillop House Prefect  –  Lily Hall

MacKillop House Prefect  –  Harper Simons

We would like to also take this opportunity to commend all those students who courageously nominated themselves for one of the positions.

  2024 College Student Leadership Team
2024 College Ambassadors
2024 College House Prefects


God Bless.

Brendan Cahill


News from the Environment Club

Our chickens are coming! The chickens will be joining us at the College on Thursday 14 September so, after months of preparation its creeping up quickly! We’ve been getting ourselves organised for their arrival by purchasing a chicken coup (with the proceeds raised from the second-hand stall on World Environment Day). This will act at the chicken’s larger coup. We’ve also been lucky-enough to reduce our footprint by re-using an older, smaller coup that Ms Reid managed to salvage from a council collection which will be the chicken’s night-time coup.

Dorothy the chicken
Egg the chicken
Peter Chanel the chicken
AB the chicken
Badges for sale

In preparation our chickens joining us, the Environment club will be holding a fundraiser selling badges for $2 at the Mental Health Fair next week!

We’d like to give a special thank you to Mrs Mathews, Mr Jones and the rest of the maintenance team and Ms Reid for their support with this project.


Plant re-potting!

Recently, after school Ms Strachan held a workshop for us on how to care for your plants when they get root bound in the pot. We had some very sad plants to practice on! But, after some loving care, new soil and a bigger pot they were just fine. Plants are an easy and cheap way to brighten up your environment. All part of greening our patch.