From the Principal

Happy Easter to the Brigidine Community!


God of Creation,

Grant us the wisdom to care for the earth and till it.

Help us to act now for the good of future generations and all your creatures.

Help us to become instruments of a new creation,

founded on the covenant of your love.


Easter – Preparations to receive the LightHappy Easter to the Brigidine Community

In John’s Gospel, 8:12, I am the light of the world; the one who follows me will not walk in darkness but will have light and life. The blind man’s journeys a path of faith which corresponds to that of every disciple. At the beginning Jesus is for him a ‘simple man’ (v. 11), then he becomes a ‘prophet’ (v. 17), and then ‘man of God’ (vv. 32-33), and in the end, the ‘Lord’ (v. 38). The last title is the most important. It is the title with which Christians proclaimed their faith. Before coming to be immersed in the water of photisterian (enlightenment), during the solemn ceremony of the Easter vigil, each catechumen declares in front of the whole community: ‘I believe that Jesus is Lord’ From that moment they are welcomed among ‘the enlightened.  Fr Fernando Armellini

St Brigid Pray for Us

Please read the letter from Brendan Cahill, College Principal.

Brendan Cahill

An Update from our Dean of Faith and Formation

International Women’s Day

Chelsea Thomas led the charge in organising our International Women’s Day Evening – An evening to celebrate women was celebrated at Brigidine with guest speakers Melissa Andreatta, Whitley Foreman and Penny Wolff. The theme of the evening Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress was explored by the panel on the evening, and chaired by Rhianna Patrick.

Alumna Melissa Andreatta, Assistant Coach from the Matilda’s shared her journey from being a first year Physical Education Teacher to being told ‘she was not good enough’ to make the Matilda’s team.  Melissa shared how she overcame disappointment and made a choice to keep coming back – to stick with her passion and eventually landed the position of coach in 2008.  Melissa generously shared her insights and wisdom to help our current students to continue to accelerate in their own progress even they may feel like giving up – to push on- despite the knockbacks.

Former graduate from 2007, Whitley Foreman shared generously her story from a law graduate to a now highly successful corporate lawyer.  Whitley, spoke about the importance of having confidence in yourself as a women.  She shared how this was something we all need to learn as women – to have confidence in our abilities and to persistent.  Persistence was a common theme of the evening – to invest in yourself and have faith in yourself even though you may find yourself in a challenging environment.

Councillor Penny Wolff shared her journey as a teacher to coffee queen and the bits in between leading her to run for local council. An exciting journey which too had some challenges – Penny shared with us the importance of building relationships and being grateful for adversity because adversity leads us to the next thing.  After adversity comes something more because it is often the catalyst for change.

There were strong messages and themes that recurred in the evening that could accelerate all women of the future – never give up – have confidence in yourself – adversity or a disappointment is a gift because it is a catalyst for change.

International Women’s Day Lunchtime Activities

At lunchtime students marked International Women’s Day by creating a wall of ribbon – in purple or white.  Students wrote a message of solidarity for women experiencing gender based violence or discrimination..

Vinnies and Mini Vinnies

The organising and bagging of Easter Eggs for the Vinnies Eggs on Legs was an operation that required dedication of the Mission Team Jessica Persich, Gemma Matthews and Caitlin Hanlon as well as well as Year 10 students with Mini Vinnies. A big shout out to all of the teachers who shared the load to assist Ms Shalders, Ms Wilson, Ms Currey, Ms Pianta, Mrs Enright, Ms Dunne and Ms Johnson.

Project Compassion

Homerooms contributed to project compassion and helped fund many beneficial projects this year.  Each Homeroom combined raised over $500 dollars which means for countries such as the Philippines and Samoa aid will be sent to assist with improving water and sanitation in remote and rural areas.  Throughout lent our small efforts combined has produced great results to change positively the lives of those impacted by water insecurity.

Environment Club

The environment club continued to do great work in Term 1 with the Clean Up Australia Day initiative, our Containers for Change as well as caring for our resident chickens.  Next term, there is more exciting activities coming from this strong membership of over 100 + students.

Mirrabooka Group

This term we have commenced our regular homework club – sharing and working together to get those assignments done and to revise for exams.  We finished the term with a lovely pool party shared with The Clontarf Group from Ambrose Treacy. Next term, we will continue to develop with students and parents our program to suit the needs of our community.

Di McGowan
Dean of Faith and Formation

A Reminder from the Dean of Student Formation

Uniform Reminder

As we approach Easter, a time of renewal, we reflect on the joys, challenges, and achievements of Term 1 while eagerly looking forward to the promises held by Term 2. Our journey through the first term of the academic year has been filled with moments of growth, learning, and camaraderie, and it is with great excitement that we embark upon the next chapter of our educational adventure. 

Term 1 has been a whirlwind of activity and throughout it all our students have demonstrated their resilience, dedication, and passion for the College. Through the day-to-day events of the College and more formalised formation events, our students have fostered meaningful connections, and embraced the spirit instilled by our College values.  

As we anticipate beginning of Term 2, we are filled with anticipation for the adventures that lie ahead. One important aspect of preparing for Term 2 is ensuring that our students are equipped with the appropriate attire to navigate the cooler weather. As we transition to winter, it is essential that students remember to review their winter uniform items, ensuring they are in good condition and named with their name and Home Room. Uniforms play a crucial role in not only maintaining a sense of professionalism and unity but also ensuring the comfort and wellbeing of our students, particularly during the colder months. We kindly remind parents and students to check that all necessary winter uniform items, such as jumpers, blazers, and scarves, are ready and in good condition for the start of Term 2. The Brigidine College Winter Uniform includes:  

Formal Uniform 
  • Jumper, Blazer and Scarf (only to be worn when wearing a jumper or Blazer).  
  • Optional navy tights if needed.  
Sport Uniform  
  • Green Pullover (Hoodies can still be worn for 2024 but will no longer be able to be worn from 2025).  
  • Tracksuit Pants/Jacket.  

Dani Sprenger
Dean of Student Formation

An update from the Junior School Program LeaderHappy Easter to the Brigidine Community

What makes Junior School different?

Because Brigidine College Junior School students range from 9-12, it is essential that time for fun and play are built into each day. There is only one chance for childhood and we want that to be light and curious. We are intentional in capitalizing on this.

Having an active approach to education

We actively celebrate through activities decorations and song. In our foundation term, students have celebrated Brigidine Day understanding the rich and powerful history of the extraordinary Brigid. They saw how Friendship and love is celebrated through Valentines Day. St Patrick’s was a great opportunity to learn more about Ireland. Most importantly, the lead up to Easter is incomplete without Easter activities and craft to celebrate Christ’s resurrection.

We actively learn through play. ‘Sneaky Maths’ is best delivered through a multitude of games. Public speaking, confidence and communication is actively practiced through group game activities, specialist drama and Japanese lessons.

We actively move, Through brain breaks that encourage dance, gross motor skills and variety, we recharge our brains. Through active lunch breaks of skipping, 44 Home, ball games and now ‘old school’ elastics, we get energy out ready for work in the classroom.

While so much of childhood is spontaneous, fostering intentional activities create a basis for independent positive habits moving forward to teenhood and then adulthood.

Anna Pianta
Junior School Program Leader


News from the Director of SportHappy Easter to the Brigidine Community

Water Polo

Congratulations to our BWPI team on winning the Premiership in the BWPI 17 years Division 3 Competition!  The team have gone through the season undefeated.  Thank you to Coach Emily and Manager Jo Richards for your work throughout the season.

Year 5 & Year 6 Gala Day

Our Year 5 & Year 6 students competed in the first CaSSSA Gala Day of the year in Touch Football.  Both teams finished as Runners Up with our Year 5 team only losing to the eventual Premiers by 1 try!  We were lucky to have 6 student referees assisting on the day, 5 of whom had just completed their Level 1 course!  We are looking forward to the Netball Gala Day in Term 2, registrations are open on the Community Portal.

CaSSSA Tennis

Congratulations to our CaSSSA Tennis teams on a fantastic season.  Special mention to our Senior A and Junior B teams who were Runners Up!  Brigidine College finished in 4th place for both the Aggregate and Percentage Cups!  A credit to the depth of our Tennis teams.  Thank you to our coaches, players and supporters for your efforts this season.

Term 1 CaSSSA Sport

Congratulations to our Term 1 CaSSSA Sport teams who concluded their season yesterday!  Special shout out to our Junior and Open Indoor Cricket teams, Open C Volleyball, Open F Volleyball, Intermediate C Volleyball and Intermediate G Volleyball teams for winning the Premiership!  50% of our Term 1 CaSSSA teams were Premiers!

Thank you to our Players, Coaches, Supporters and Staff for all of your hard work this Term.

Rebecca Horne
Director of Sports 

What’s happening around the College?Happy Easter to the Brigidine Community

Kildare Ministries 10 Year Anniversary Conference

Crossing New Seas: Encounter, Dream, Do.

This week were blessed to be joined at the College by colleagues from around Australia at the first national conference for staff from all Kildare Ministries Schools. The theme for the conference is Encounter, Dream, Do and as such, we had the opportunity to reflect on our own journeys and the differences we can make in the lives of those around us.
Day one
We started the conference with an Acknowledgment of Country and Smoking Ceremony, thanks to Marlon Riley, an experienced cultural educator at Ngutana-Lui, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Studies Centre. The Conference, streamed from five Kildare Ministries School ‘Hubs’ around Australia will allow staff to connect and reflect on a deeper level and to enjoy the opportunity to learn from each other.
Day two

For Day 2 of the Kildare Ministries Conference, we are learning, sharing and growing. Beginning the day with a morning liturgy, staff and delegates were given the opportunity to reflect on the past, present and future. Professor Anne Pattel-Gray gave a keynote address, highlighting the hardships faced by Indigenous students and how we as a community can positively shape their paths. Dr Meredith Lake moderated a discussion around the concept of New Horizons and Standing on New Shores, where we learnt all about the transformation of people. We then broke into workshops to further build connections, explore new concepts and get creative.

Day three

On day three of the Kildare Ministries conference, we are turning our reflections, thoughts and dreams into reality. We focused on the ‘Do’ part of “Encounter, Dream, Do”. We reflected on the connections we have formed and the lessons we have learnt and are ready to make positive change and meaningful impacts in the world of education and beyond.

Please watch our recap video here.

Temporary Changes to the Indooroopilly Interchange

The College would like to advise all students who catch public transport that there will be changes to the Indooroopilly Interchange as of Monday 8 April.

From Monday 8 April, Stop B will be temporarily closed for around six weeks.

Stops C, D, E and F will remain open and accessible during the works and pedestrian access will be maintained throughout the bus station.

Outbound urban routes will be return to Stop A.
Routes 704, 706, 715, 718, 722, 725, 733, 734, 736, 772 and 798 will also observe Stop A.
Citybound services, included 414 and 415 will continue to observe Stop F Musgrave Road.

For more information visit Translink’s website, download the MyTranslink app or call Translink on 13 12 30 anytime.


Upcoming Events

There are exciting things brewing around the College and within the Brigidine community! Make sure you download the College App and keep an eye on the calendar.

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Happy Easter to the Brigidine Community

Camp Create

An opportunity for learning enrichment. Unlock your students’ creative potential at our 3-day school holiday workshop! Through fun, hands-on activities and guided exploration, young minds will delve into the realms of art, storytelling, and problem-solving. Please share this with your students, so they can join us for an unforgettable journey where imagination knows no bounds! Spaces are limited to 50 participants. For more information and to register your interest, follow this link. 


Over the Bridge

Alumnae mentoring program.

Building connections is an important part of life after Brigidine, so on Wednesday April 17, we would like to welcome our alumnae back to the College to participate in this program. Students will nominate three preferences for their future pathways, and alumnae will be in groups based on their life experience, work backgrounds and interests. We will host a series of coaching sessions for our students with mentors, career-stage-specific breakout rooms and informal networking opportunities for our soon-to-be graduates to establish connections with members of our community who are willing to share their professional expertise and advice. Please register your interest here.



Term One Concludes – Happy Easter

Happy Easter to the Brigidine Community!

This week we said farewell to our students for the Easter holiday break. Term One has been packed with events and activites for the College. We are wishing our students and staff a very Happy Easter, and we hope they use this time to rest and rejuvenate. Once again, happy Easter to the Brigidine Community.