From the Principal


As we gather in your name

Open our minds to know your voice

Open our hands to do your work

And Open our hearts to hold your spirit

We pray that God’s grace, mercy and peace,

Bless us, keep us and transform us all



As the College welcomes many new families and their daughters, many students are provided with the opportunity to share and serve our community. This was a wonderful way for our students to share their Brigidine journey with our new Year 5s, 6s and 7s beginning their journey into 2024. It will be wonderful again to welcome visitors to Brigidine at our Twilight Principal Tours next Tuesday, 10 October.

If we accept that everything in life as a gift, even the struggles we endure, then these can be turned into blessings. As the gospel identifies, even the difficulties we encounter each day, can be turned into opportunities as a grace from God. I pray that all the countless opportunities presented, are ways God graces our lives. Let us all ponder these blessings and be grateful. And rom that gratitude, return a joyful thanks to God.

Suspend Judgement Evening – Thursday 12 October

Students from Years 10 – 12 will be presenting their outstanding, thought provoking ideas and reflections regarding Holocaust education and the impact today. Congratulations to all students involved, as well as Ms Nidean Dickson for leading the wonderful initiative.

Awards and Acknowledgement Evening – Celebrating ‘Brigidine Woman’

Over the next week the College will be preparing for the Awards and Acknowledgement Evening (AAE). This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the efforts and achievements of the students and College Community. As a wonderful expression of our ’Brigidine Spirit’ our community identifies how and why schools link success to how teachers and students improve outcomes, not just the results, but on how schools should be judged on students’ personal bests.

“Great schools extend and challenge their students, and help educate them to make a

lifelong contribution to society.”

At Brigidine College, we strive for our students to do well in balancing challenge with success and keep a breadth of learning that will help them in the world ahead. Whether a student achieves their “personal best” and or demonstrates the greatest amount of growth and achievement, we encourage and celebrate all students as they “grow as people, broaden their thinking” and take their place in the world.

Annual Awards and Acknowledgement Evening at 6:30pm on Thursday 19 October at the River Life Centre, Seventeen Mile Rocks. I look forward to sharing with guest speaker Brigida Corte-Real (past student / Captain 2012) the rich Brigidine welcome and inclusive spirit.

International coalition of Girls’ Schools

Over recent months the Alliance of Girls’ Schools, Australasia has joined with the ICGS to extend and broaden its International Reach.  Please click on this latest podcast.

On Educating Girls Podcast Short: 5 Ways to Help Girls Grow in Resilience – ICGS (

With Strength and Gentleness

Brendan Cahill


News from our Dean of Student Formation

Cultivating a Culture of Respect: It Starts with the Little Things

At Brigidine College, we are constantly striving to create an environment that not only fosters academic achievement and a love of learning but also cultivates essential values such as respect, kindness, and empathy. With this in mind, the College would like to share with parents/caregivers our renewed commitment to building a culture of respect within our school community. We have shared this with staff and students this week.

We firmly believe that the true strength of any community lies in the little things – the daily interactions, gestures, and behaviours that shape our relationships and contribute to a positive atmosphere. It’s the way we greet each other in the morning, hold the door for a classmate, or offer a helping hand during group projects that truly define our character.

Respect is the cornerstone of a harmonious and thriving school community. It bridges gaps, fosters understanding, and creates an atmosphere where every individual feels valued and heard. To reinforce this essential value, we are embarking on a journey to emphasise respect in our everyday actions and interactions.

This week we have highlighted some key focus areas for students when entering a classroom, in a classroom and leaving a classroom. We have included these for your reference below.

As parents and guardians, your support is invaluable in reinforcing these values at home. We encourage you to engage in conversations with your daughters about respect, kindness, and empathy.

Dani Sprenger

Dean of Student Formation

The Archbishop’s Pastoral Statement on the Referendum

The Archbishop has issued a Pastoral Statement on the Referendum. For further information, please click on the link.

What’s coming up?

Suspend Judgement – from 5pm Thursday 12 October 2023 – Free

Suspend Judgement is a program for senior high-school-aged students in Years 10-12 to access Holocaust Education greater than that taught in the classroom.

It is our belief that as the messenger’s messengers, and on behalf of all people affected by the Holocaust, we have a duty to learn, share and educate others on this important part of history that is often covered up and forgotten about.

The program is in its fourth year of running at Brigidine College. Book here.


ATC Actors Studio Production – Lord Of The Flies – 6:30pm Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 October – Nudgee Junior Hall

You are invited to the Ambrose Treacy College Actor’s Studio production of Lord of The Flies on Tuesday 17 October and Wednesday 18 October in Nudgee Junior Hall 6.30pm.  There will be canapes served and drinks available for purchase from 5.30pm. We look forward to seeing you at one of the performances. To reserve complimentary seats or make enquiries, please email



Brigidine College Awards and Acknowledgement Evening – 5:30pm Thursday 19 October – Riverlife Baptist Church