Principal’s Message 

A Prayer for Fathers

God our Father, we give you thanks and praise for fathers young and old.

We pray for young fathers, newly embracing their vocation. May they find courage and perseverance to balance work, family and faith in joy and sacrifice.

We pray for our own fathers around the world whose children are lost or suffering. May they know that the God of compassion walks with them in their sorrow.

We pray for men who are not fathers but still mentor and guide us with fatherly love and advice. We remember fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers who are no longer with us but who live forever in our memory and nourish us with their love.


The following extract appeared in the Alliance of Girls Schools Journal:

Supportive schools and families – particularly fathers – protect against cyberbullying

A report on the cyberbullying of young people in England has found that supportive schools and positive family communication, particularly with fathers, is protective against online bullying.  Researchers found that 18% of young people aged 11 to 15 report being victims of cyberbullying. However, girls are twice as likely as boys to be affected, with nearly one-third of girls aged 15 reporting being cyberbullied.

Dr Ellen Klemera, says that their analysis of the data emphasises that schools and families play a crucial role in preventing cyberbullying:  We found that young people who felt that important issues were regularly spoken about in their family, and that someone listened to them when they spoke, were less likely to say that they had experienced cyberbullying in the past two months. Our findings support the idea that family communication and support, particularly communication with the father, protect against cyberbullying.

Importantly, lower rates of cyberbullying were found in young people who report positive family communication with both of their parents.  Fathers were found to play “an important protective role”, with the Hertfordshire University analysis showing that young people who find it difficult to communicate with their father are 50% more likely to be cyberbullied compared with those who can talk to their father easily.

More generally, a supportive school culture has been found to be associated with positive health and wellbeing outcomes for young people. Previous studies have found that students who feel connected to their school, have good relationships with their teachers and feel safe at school are less likely to report bullying, including cyberbullying. The 2014 survey data for England shows that young people who agree that they feel safe, that they belong, that their teachers care about them and that they trust their teachers, are less likely to report being cyberbullied. Similarly, those who have a positive perception and feel safe in their neighbourhood are less like to report cyberbullying.

In conclusion “ecological environments” of school, family and neighbourhood “intersect to influence young peoples’ lives”.  When schools, parents and communities work closely together to reduce bullying in schools, positive outcomes can be achieved.

The Show Must Go On

A truly wonderful Arts event held with the Arts Department and Cocurricular Arts joining to showcase the outstanding way the students and staff bring out the best in each other.  Many thanks to Mrs Korryn Swindail-Hill, Mrs Jane Massingham, teachers, tutors, student leaders, performers and artists for their commitment and care to this fantastic event.  As our Cultural groups continued to rehearse and engage in a range of online activities during the COVID-19 shut down and with the return to school, the groups and ensembles met in readiness for the show.  A true testament to the spirit of resilience and engagement.  Well done!  Thank you also to all families and College staff who worked together to maintain a Covid-safe event.

CaSSSA Cup Cross Country Carnival        

Congratulations to the Cross Country Squad who represented the College with distinction last Monday. The College was particularly proud of their efforts as they finished fifth overall and were placed third in the percentage cup. I would also like to acknowledge the time and commitment to our College by Ms Laura David (Sports Director) and her team of coaches and officials, who supported and guided our athletes to their personal best.

The key sporting associations, CaSSSA, GBC and Metropolitan West have also provided ongoing support for schools to engage again in COVID-safe sport.  All planned sport is now operational, and I certainly hope and trust that girls and their coaches continue to engage in spirit raising performance over the next term.

The College Community continues to be very proactive and supportive body to the College. With an opportunity to extend and expand how parents might engage with the community, we look forward to the Dads and Daughters Online Evening, on Saturday 12 September 2020.  Many thanks to the ongoing efforts of the P&F Association for their care and guidance with this event.

God’s blessings on our community

Brendan Cahill

Deputy Principal Students News 


Friendships can be the cornerstone of a student’s experience and engagement in high school. However, friendships can sometimes be complicated or contain conflict and misunderstandings. On Tuesday, Years 7-9 students were fortunate to hear insightful perspectives and advice about friendship from guest speaker Rebecca Sparrow. Parents and carers are encouraged to ask their daughter about the key take-away gained from this presentation. Conversation starters like this may be useful to enable your daughter to enhance her skills and attitudes in friendships.

The key messages of the presentation were:

  1. Ask: Is our friendship bigger than this conflict?
  2. Set boundaries
  3. Avoid drama cyclones
  4. Do not be possessive about your friends
  5. Be careful who you share your stories with

Love Your Body Week 

From 7-11 September, we will be involved with Love Your Body Week for Schools. It is Australia’s largest positive body image movement for young people. Australians working in primary and secondary schools and other youth and community organisations will come together to celebrate diversity and build body confidence in young people. At lunchtime on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday students will be invited to participate in workshops to build body confidence, challenge appearance-based talk and explore their identity beyond the physical appearance. Students will also be invited to Dress to Express by wearing a ‘Touch Of’ something to reflect their inner self on these days. Register to receive resources for your family here:

Melinda Egan
Deputy Principal Students

Senior Years Update

As we near the end of Term 3, Year 11 and 12 students are very busy with assessment while Year 10 students have finalised their subject choices for Year 11.

It has been very pleasing to see the way that Year 12 students have engaged with their mock external assessments. Students have obviously been studying effectively and treating these exams as the important practice that they are. I would; however, remind everyone of the need to remember the administrative details of required equipment and College expectations about uniform and attendance.

Similarly, Year 11 students will be going into their first exam block from next week, where they will be required to attend school only when they have an exam. The exception to this is when student has two exams on one day; in that case she must remain at school between the exams. It is important to note that these exams will bring Unit 2 in all general subjects to an end. From Term 4, Year 11 students will be studying Unit 3 which means that all assessment from Term 4 will be summative. Looking forward to the assessment dates in Term 4, it appears that most students will have summative assessment in all their general subjects and most applied subjects. It is imperative, therefore, that students remain focussed on their studies during Term 4 and do not let the warmth of summer or lure of impending holidays reduce their commitment to work.

John Crawford
Program Leader Senior Years

Art News

“Arts education fosters bright, creative and socially engaged students who will grow up to be our next leaders, parents, teachers, artists and engineers. Their innovative ideas will shape industries; their creative thinking will find out-of-the-box solutions for a global society, and will provide students with a way to understand themselves, and have a sense of belonging.”

— Jane Chu (This quote is from Jane Chu’s 11 Sept 2014 speech at the Arts Education Partnership National Forum)

In a year that has been anything but normal, it is in the arts that creativity flows and a sense of belonging can be formed. In 2020 our young people have had their worlds, their sense of normal turned upside down. It is in these times that we need to provide student with a safe place where hope and creativity can be fostered.

This term the Arts Department has been very busy, students have continued to be engaged and challenged in class to perform, creative and respond. On the 21st of August, the Middle School engaged in a range of Arts workshops. These workshops were designed to promote creativity and build a sense of belonging and community. Students participated in painting, drumming, song writing, dancing, ceramic demonstrations, and circus acts. At morning tea and lunch times the performing arts students showcases their hard work on stage, with performances from Year 8 Dance and Senior Music to name a few.

“It was great to see everyone have a go and support each other!”

Kate – Year 9

“It was a fun way for students to express themselves and learn new creative skills.”

Ameya – Year 10

“We should do this every year; it has been the highlight of my term!”

Ella – Year 10


Korryn Swindail-Hill

Curriculum Leader for The Arts

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