Principal’s News


Creator God

Gentle us and quiet us in Your presence

Arouse within us awareness of this energy, which is your spirit.

May we become conscious in this moment and in every moment of our gathering, that whenever two or more people are gathered in Your Name, you are here.


Educating Girls

In a recent interview with a new student, I was asked by a parent, ‘what is it that drives me as Principal at Brigidine?’ Without hesitation I responded that, ‘it was the students and their aspirations to be the best they can be for themselves and for others, that inspires me to be the best Principal I can be’.

While there are days that are more challenging than others, positives can be found in every type of education, but there are just so many positives for students here at Brigidine.

Research shows unequivocally that girls thrive in an all-girls environment – they do better academically, socially and emotionally.  Girls-only environments promote young women to feel empowered to be themselves, participate more freely in discussions, be more competitive and take more healthy risks with their learning – skills that are advantageous for life success.  Brigidine hopes to be that haven from these social pressures – at least for the school-day, so that they can just be themselves.

Every aspect of teaching and learning at Brigidine is tailored to girls, every program for Formation, healthy development, leadership and learning caters to the needs of girls and this purposefully develops their confidence, empowering them to pursue any direction their talents lead them.

With research showing that girls are more likely to feel the need to be perfect and to struggle with confidence when they make even small mistakes, it’s particularly important to cultivate their resilience, as Rachel Simmons, author of Enough As She Is, explains: “What we want is for girls to have the capacity to move through a setback without beating themselves up.” Developing resilience, confidence and fearlessness is what girls’ schools do best, so that further opportunities to open the door for young women to pursue tertiary studies and careers in the highly skilled and more highly paid areas of engineering, computing, business and entrepreneurship.

Loren Bridge is Executive Officer of the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia

Awards and Acknowledgment Evening

My sincere thanks to all students, staff and parents for your support of our annual Awards and Acknowledgement Evening held last Thursday night. I particularly thank all those who contributed to a very significant occasion for the College, as we came together to celebrate as a school community.  Congratulations to all!

After a wonderful Welcome to Country and prayer, the tone was set for an engaging yet different experience for the audience and many people online. The night was truly blessed as Ms Salwa Marsh (past student 2005) shared her story of education that reflected courage, hope and opportunity.  Valuing and embracing one’s life-long learning as a gift is important for us all and Salwa embodied this as an articulate and outstanding role model for young women.

I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to lead such a vibrant and enriching community and assist students to find their voice and place in the world.  We continue to celebrate with joy and gratitude, the rich achievements of many students from each year level and to witness the diversity ever present in the College.  With inspiring and wonderfully gifted performances by the Cantaré, Dance Company and Brigettes, the prizes for academic, cultural, sporting and service endeavours were richly celebrated.

Benedictine monk, Br. David Steindl-Rast, suggests that two qualities belong in our basic definition of gratitude. The first is appreciation: You recognize that something is valuable to you, which has nothing to do with its monetary worth. The second quality Br. David mentions is that gratitude is gratis: freely given to you.

Many thanks to the teachers, students, and assistants who worked so professionally on the evening. With meticulous attention to detail, all guests and participants alike were wonderfully proud of the girls and their accomplishments. A special thank you to Ms Melinda Egan and Mr Andrew Beiers for their expert organisation and support to the many people involved in producing such a fine event.  I look forward to sharing the many College events with all parents, their families and girls over the next few weeks.  Please check the calendar for details.

World Teachers’ Day Friday 29 October 2021

“Truly great teachers are ones that create a sense of community, ones that are warm and accessible, and ones that instil their own love of learning into their students. Truly great teachers are ones that set high expectations because they know their students can succeed, and help their students achieve that goal.”

We are blessed with truly great teachers at Brigidine College.  From banter in the hallway, learning in our classrooms and encouragement within all aspects of school life, the teachers at Brigidine College strive to do their best in educating and supporting the girls and the broader school community. ‘We give thanks.’

Parent and Friends Meeting 3 November 2021

The final P&F meeting for 2021 is due to be held on Wednesday 3 November 2020 in the Staff Common Room at 7 pm.  All parents are welcome.

Brendan Cahill, Principal


News from our Deputy Principal, Mission

Catholic Mission’s liturgy was presided over by the Archbishop Mark Coleridge along with Diocesan Director Emily Connors, Coordinator Sue Williams and Chaplain Fr Pan Jordan, were welcomed at Brigidine College for the annual Catholic Mission Liturgical celebration. This event was held for the first time outside of St Stephen’s Cathedral and streamed to over 200 schools and organisations throughout the Brisbane Archdiocese and Toowoomba Diocese.

The theme was, “How can we keep from speaking about what we have seen and heard?” ACTS 4:20

Catholic Mission Director, Emily Connors welcomed the community both present in the Kildare auditorium and online and acknowledged the tremendous work of Catholic Mission supporting the wonderful work of The Good Shepherd Sisters providing life-fulfilling opportunities for children in the focus country of Thailand.

First Nations’ students from Ambrose Treacy College and Brigidine College presented the Welcome Dance to all present as we began our ceremony. They were supported by Holy Family Primary from Year 5 along with the Year 10 cohort from Brigidine College.

Archbishop Mark Coleridge reminded us that once we hear the message of Jesus, we are anointed and we cannot keep from speaking about the message of Mission, looking outside ourselves to the world – locally and abroad, seeing and acting as the Body of Christ.

It was a wonderful celebration for the community of Indooroopilly and how we are responsible for sharing the Good News, creating hope and transformational change.  Emily thanked Jane Massingham and the Ministry Team for the beautiful music enhancing the liturgy.

Brigidine College Principal, Brendan Cahill noted the honour that it was to hold the Catholic Mission Liturgy at the College and how we must not only make ourselves aware through deeper knowing, but engage in action through Catholic Mission, St Vincent de Paul, and Justice & Democracy initiatives.

Andrew Beiers, Deputy Principal Mission

News from our Acting Program Leader, Middle Years

1000 Hours Outside Challenge

The Middle School leaders of 2021 have been increasingly concerned about screen addiction and young people, so they decided to speak at Middle School Assembly this week about the issue.

More teenagers have access to amazing marvels of the digital age – tablets, smartphones, and laptops – that connect people across the globe and can allow access to information at your figure tips than ever before. Dr Deirdre Harrington, Lecturer in Physical Activity for Health at Leicester University conducting a study of 800 girls aged between 11 and 14 that revealed that, “Two thirds of children use more than one screen at the same time after school, in the evenings and at weekends as part of increasingly sedentary lifestyles,” (Harrington, 2021). Her work also revealed that for the 90% of students who owned or accessed a smart phone after school, their sleep, health, and general wellbeing were impacted (Harrington, 2021). Some students in the study were even using multiple screens at one time, which is referred to as ‘screen stacking’ for example watching Netflix while scrolling on a phone (Harrington, 2021). Our youth at Brigidine College posed the question – how can we change the lifestyle of young people to ensure that it is not a sedentary one?

A solution was to challenge more young people to access the outdoors and connect with nature. If teens switch off their screens at planned times, they can re-program their lives and prioritise personal health and wellbeing. In breaking a cycle of screen use by engaging in outside play, young people begin to move their bodies, connect with local environments, socialise with friends and family and rediscover, or pursue new and or old interests. The Middle School Leaders presented their legacy project – the 1000 hours outside challenge. An opportunity for every student to spend and record 1000 hours outside throughout the next year. Each student was provided with a planning tool and the opportunity to begin brainstorming ways they could embrace the challenge this school holidays. With a plan of action, each student can now consider how they can move away from the glow of their screens to reap the benefits of outdoor activity.

Reference – Deirdre M. Harrington, Ekaterini Ioannidou, Melanie J. Davies, Charlotte L. Edwardson, Trish Gorely, Alex V. Rowlands, Lauren B. Sherar, Amanda E. Staiano. Concurrent screen use and cross‐sectional association with lifestyle behaviours and psychosocial health in adolescent females. Acta Paediatrica, 2021; DOI: 10.1111/apa.15806

Niesha Hart, Acting Program Leader Middle Years


News from Program Leader Science

Regional Finals for Year 9 Wonders of Science Competition

Our team, who consisted of Lucy Thorley, Tiah Kalaja, Sarah Behr and Avalon Gardner, presented their experimental results to answer the question “Do all chemical reactions release energy?”.   The team performed well and came third for their section.    Thank you to Ms Christy and the Year 9 Science staff for this great event.

Junior Physics Odyssey (JPhO)

Lauren Bowe (Year 10) was selected to attend the Junior Physics Odyssey held over 3 days at the University of Queensland on the September holidays.  Lauren attended a range of workshops, lectures and activities that covered areas such as astrophysics, quantum physics, Einstein’s theory of relativity and designing and launching a rocket, to name a few.

Lauren Bowe: “The UQ Junior Physics Odyssey was a great opportunity to attend and learn about the places that physics can take you. It was an honour to get accepted into the program and spend three days during the holidays on the UQ campus. Each day we participated in workshops in the morning where we learnt about astrophysics, quantum physics, and Einstein’s theory of relativity, with an experiment set up for the afternoon. There were also professionals in quantum physics and astrophysics that came and gave us lectures about their careers and where university took them in life. It was interesting to learn about where studying physics at university can lead. There were also current undergraduate university students and students studying for their PhD’s talking to us about university life and what they see in their futures.

Throughout the days we were split into six different groups, and we competed in small competitions to earn points. The competitions included trivia games, picture matching, and getting the milky way proportionately correct. These challenges were extremely fun to partake in, I especially enjoyed designing and launching a rocket in which we got extra points for style. Being in these groups allowed me to get to know others well and I have made five really good friends out of the experience. Going to JPhO has solidified my decision studying physics in the future and I absolutely recommend applying to attend if you might want to do physics in the future.

Science Club event

Spaghetti and Marshmallow Bridges – groups had to design and make the tallest tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti.

The winning team was:  Abby Connolly, Alice Conway, Leannah Corliss, and Cate Brown

Second:  Yolande Haywood, Lucy Thorley, Laura Meers, and Tiah Kalaja.

Third:  Cayla Ravizzotti, Charley Murray and Devika Menon

Science Club event

Making bouncy balls – Students investigated Polymers by making bouncy balls and testing the height of the bounce.

Year 11 Ecology Workshops

Year 11 students have completed ecology workshops with the University of Queensland to develop their research question for their IA assessment (student experiment).  They went on a full day excursion on Monday 25 October to collect their data out in the field with a data  held on Wednesday 27 Oct for the students to review and start processing their data.

Santos Science Experience Year 9 and 10

A great extension science event has been advertised for year 9 and 10 students.   Held for 3 days in the January holidays at the universities.  To find more information and apply go to

Debra Guthrie, Curriculum Leader Science


News from our incoming Captain, Sami Lane

As college leaders, Charlotte, Maddie, Elly, and I are excited to embrace the year of compassion in 2022, with a focus on building the connections and relationships in all aspects of the college. We believe that our success as a college is achieved through a collective effort and a culture where we utilise each other’s strengths, support and look after each other and ourselves in an ever-changing time. We want to create a safe environment where everyone matters, feels valued and included in a place where they belong. Where we as future leaders feel supported and empowered by not only our teachers but each other.

I am so honoured to be College Captain, leading into 2022 and feel privileged to attend this school, where I have been able to learn, grow and connect with a wide range of incredibly special people. When addressing the college for the first time this year, I spoke about my golden retriever, Piper who always greets me with an excited wiggle, makes me feel loved and valued and is always right by my side. Everyone deserves to have their own not-so-furry companions at school, who support, inspire, and encourage them to be the best version of themselves and I hope we can create a place full of Pipers enriching our sisterhood with spirit, pride, and passion. We are so excited moving forward into the year with wonder, empathy and most importantly a sense of togetherness, united as one as a Brigidine family.


News from our incoming Mission Captain, Charlotte Smith

Hello everyone! I am Charlotte Smith, and I am absolutely ecstatic to be given the opportunity to be the College Mission Captain for 2022. When reflecting on what I wanted to be my vision for the mission life of the college in 2022, I wanted to keep it simple, something that everyone would be able to do no matter a small or great act of mission, and yet; it would still foster a feeling of positivity and fulfilment in the individuals and the colleges lives. Sami, Elly, Maddie and I collaborated, and after a long and thought-out conversation filled with cheers and enthusiastic ideas being thrown around, we decided on our collective vision for 2022 being connection.

To grow this vision into our – the mission team’s – own, my thoughts centred into the inclusivity surrounding the term connection. Thus, my vision was birthed: Connection with God’s Creation. I didn’t want to specify individual groups within God’s creation, as that is not the spirit of mission. What makes the mission life at college so positive is the opportunity to reach out to all aspects of life, being people, to the vulnerable wildlife, to places of need. Therefore, having the broad umbrella term allows for growth in all directions and allows no limit to the expansion of the mission department in 2022 – the sky is the limit!


News from our incoming Sports Captain, Maddie Ellice

As way of introduction, our 2022 Sport Captain & Ambassadors wish to share an insight into their sporting involvement and new sport motto for 2022:

Hello Brigidine Community! My name is Maddie and I am the 2022 Sports Captain. I am a huge sports fan and love supporting, participating and encouraging others to get involved. I love cross country, netball and AFL, but will play anything I can get my hands on!

My name’s Josie and I am honoured to be one of the 2022 Sports Ambassadors. I love everything to do with sport from playing to watching. You can probably catch me on the footy (soccer, AFL or sevens) field or anything I can get a chance to play!

I am the green-faced crazy on the right, Gabby and I am so grateful for this epic opportunity to be Sports Ambassador in 2022. You can find me either drowning, riding my bicycle or most likely running – not just to classes!

We can’t wait to work with the Sports Department in developing the culture of sport in Brigidine through embodying our new motto,

“Fill the Stands, Fill the Stage, Be Blue, Be Green, Be Brave”.

Our aim is to bring all Brigidine girls together as one, through participation and support!


With the announcement that the Queensland Borders will be opening again shortly, we would encourage all members of our Community to ensure their family has been safe-guarded against COVID-19 with a vaccination. Vaccinations are now available on a walk-in basis at many Healthcare Hubs, Chemists and GPs. For more information, visit the Queensland Health website.

Please ensure you follow your Medical Professional’s advice at all times.