Principal’s Message

New Dreaming

In the silent beauty of the velvet night,
Amidst the glittering Southern Cross,
You dreamt a new dream.
The promised gift of eternal love for us in the mystery of your son –
A special Spirit Child, lying in a coolamon,
Born of a spirit woman,
Bringing Light and Hope into our world.

Advent Reflection

The Church in its age-old wisdom teaches that Advent is a penitential season. The penance is all about waiting.  According to accepted teaching we wait, for four weeks, purifying our attitudes and intentions to receive in a fresh way the spiritual truth that God breaks through to our human consciousness in fragile, vulnerable forms. The baby in the manger is only the beginning of a human who grows and evolves; owns an emergent destiny and lives.  It is the power of our own story we wait to receive; a transcendent ability that we need as citizens of God’s kingdom.

Waiting doesn’t come easily to humans. How glorious it is to snap on a light or the air conditioning, have the car start smoothly every time, ring up, email and get exactly what you want. We construct lives where we never have to wait to have what we need and without too much thought about how the planet and its beings are paying a price for our convenience.  The other day I went to the supermarket after school and when I had my few things, I returned to the car park to find that someone had put their groceries in their car and then left their trolley backed up against my car.  This meant that I had to do what they did not want to do and return the trolley before I could go home and relax.  I was furious.  Here was another five minutes I had to wait before I could be where I wanted to be. It was an anger with a truth I couldn’t avoid.  Do I get this angry about the real injustices that abound, the huge present sufferings of God’s creatures?   No, never.  My concern for others is about as strong as a mewling, new born babe.  It exists and is alive, and I need to care for it so that it grows strong enough to overcome my tyrannical self-concern.

May Brigid bless the house wherein you dwell
Bless every fireside, every wall and door,
Bless every heart that beats beneath its roof.
Bless every hand that toils to bring it joy.
Bless every foot that walks the portals through.
May Brigid bless the house that shelters you.


In this holy season of prayer and song and laughter, we praise God for the great wonders that have been sent to us: for the shining star and angel’s song, for infant’s cry in lowly manger. We praise God for the word made flesh in a little child. We behold his glory and are bathed in its radiance.

We ask God to be with us as we sing the ironies of Christmas, the incomprehensible comprehended, the poetry made fact, the helpless babe who cracks the world asunder. We kneel before Jesus as shepherds, innkeepers, wise men. Help us to rise bigger than we are.

To all who are part of the Brigidine Community this year, I wish you a safe and gentle Christmas where family and friends rest quietly with the hands of Love.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2021.

Brendan Cahill

Excellence Program

Despite the school year coming to an end, the Compass Programs of Excellence remains full steam ahead!

Book in a Day: Kids Cancer Project

On the last Thursday of Term 3, 20 Year 7 students took on the challenge of writing and illustrating a children’s book in 12 hours! Raising funds for the Kid’s Cancer Project, students were tasked with writing an engaging story for children aged 10 – 16 years whilst adhering to strict parameters. Students, although exhausted by the end of the 12 hour session, worked as a team to produce stories they could be proud of. They also managed to raise over $1600!

Future Problem Solving – National Finals

2020 was a year of many firsts. Our Year 11 Future Problem Solving Team was the first Brigidine College Team awarded a competitive position in the National Finals. Due to the restrictions in place, the finals were held virtually – another first! – on Friday 16 October. Although disappointed they could not travel to Melbourne to participate in person, the Year 11 team approached the finals with energy and determination! Despite not placing in the top three, the team worked hard across the day to produce a quality solution to a complex problem – poverty and water access. Well done Ashleigh Gordon, Isobel Peters, Rosie Pope and Imogen Bradshaw. We look forward to seeing all our FPS teams develop their problem solving skills further next year.

The Educator Australia: Innovative Schools 2020 Winner!

Our Compass Programs of Excellence was announced a winner of the 2020 Innovative Schools Award for the creation and implementation of the Social, Emotional and Academic Support Program (SEAD) developed in partnership with Michele Juratowitch. This program was specifically designed by the College to support the needs of our High Potential Learners. We look forward to developing the program further next year.

Renee Dunne
Program Leader Excellence

Humanities Update

With assessment for the year completed, Humanities students used their final few weeks to consolidate the terms learning in creative and innovative ways.

After spending a semester investigating Ancient civilisations, Year 8 students used Minecraft to develop their own Medieval worlds.

While investigating the Australian political system as part of their Civic and Citizenship unit, Year 9s held an election.  Complete with ad campaigns, slogans and speeches each class re-appropriated famous figures or characters to become the leader of their political party. Using knowledge gained from their previous Biomes and Food Security unit, each parties platform focused on environmentally sustainable policies, some excellent and innovative suggestions were presented in the following areas:

  • improving transport in the Indooroopilly area
  • providing incentives to install greener energy products in homes and business
  • improving the current waste disposal methods
  • remove or reducing plastic waste in our waterways
  • reducing food waste and recycling

In preparation for learning in 2021, students in Year 10 selected one of the senior Humanities subjects (Modern History, Ancient History or Geography) as a focus for their Term Four assessment. Once completed, they developed a creative piece as a conclusion to their study.

Billie Bartley created a Ted talk style presentation, about Second Wave Feminism.

Leyla Rowshan developed an infographic as part of her Flying Fox report.

Dom Strachan
Curriculum Leader Humanities

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