Principal’s News

A Prayer for Fathers

God our Father, we give you thanks and praise for fathers young and old.

We pray for young fathers, newly embracing their vocation. May they find courage and perseverance to balance work, family and faith in joy and sacrifice.

We pray for our own fathers around the world whose children are lost or suffering. May they know that the God of compassion walks with them in their sorrow.

We pray for men who are not fathers but still mentor and guide us with fatherly love and advice. We remember fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers who are no longer with us but who live forever in our memory and nourish us with their love.



The following extract appeared in the Alliance of Girls Schools Journal:

Supportive schools and families – particularly fathers – protect against cyberbullying

A report on the cyberbullying of young people in England has found that supportive schools and positive family communication, particularly with fathers, is protective against online bullying.  Researchers found that 18% of young people aged 11 to 15 report being victims of cyberbullying. However, girls are twice as likely as boys to be affected, with nearly one-third of girls aged 15 reporting being cyberbullied.

Dr Ellen Klemera, says that their analysis of the data emphasises that schools and families play a crucial role in preventing cyberbullying:  We found that young people who felt that important issues were regularly spoken about in their family, and that someone listened to them when they spoke, were less likely to say that they had experienced cyberbullying in the past two months. Our findings support the idea that family communication and support, particularly communication with the father, protect against cyberbullying.

Importantly, lower rates of cyberbullying were found in young people who report positive family communication with both of their parents.  Fathers were found to play “an important protective role”, with the Hertfordshire University analysis showing that young people who find it difficult to communicate with their father are 50% more likely to be cyberbullied compared with those who can talk to their father easily.

More generally, a supportive school culture has been found to be associated with positive health and wellbeing outcomes for young people. Previous studies have found that students who feel connected to their school, have good relationships with their teachers and feel safe at school are less likely to report bullying, including cyberbullying. The 2014 survey data for England shows that young people who agree that they feel safe, that they belong, that their teachers care about them and that they trust their teachers, are less likely to report being cyberbullied. Similarly, those who have a positive perception and feel safe in their neighbourhood are less like to report cyberbullying.

In conclusion “ecological environments” of school, family and neighbourhood “intersect to influence young peoples’ lives”.  When schools, parents and communities work closely together to reduce bullying in schools, positive outcomes can be achieved.

Principal Notes

Congratulations to the Senior Soccer team that made it through to the Uhlsport Final held at the Annerley Soccer Club. It was wonderful to witness our team doing the best they could against a strong opposition, as well as the very spirited group of parents and students there to support the team.

The College Community continues to be very proactive and supportive body to the College. With an opportunity to extend and expand how parents engage with the community, I thank the Parents and Friends Association in supporting the college with the Dad’s and Daughters Evening, on Friday 26 August.

God’s Blessings on our Community

Brendan Cahill


News from our Deputy Principal Curriculum

As we approach the final weeks of Term 3, students are preparing for the final exams and assessment items. It is important for students to take some time to reflect on their achievements and progress, as well as consider the goals that they want to set for Term 4. It is hoped that students will be confident that the effort that they have put into their study will be reflected in their results.

Year 11

All Year 11 students are in the process of completing Unit 2 assessment tasks this term. Overall results for the unit will be reported in the Semester 2 reports.

As Unit 3 commences at the start of Term 4, there will be an Information Presentation held on Tuesday 11th October. More information will be sent to parents and students prior to the end of the term.

Year 12 Mock Exams

Year 12s commenced their Mock Exams this week. This is an opportunity for students to assess how their preparation and revision is progressing. It is also an opportunity to become familiar with the QCAA exam procedures prior to commencing the External Assessment in Term 4.

Approximately 35% of the cohort have taken up the opportunity to register for Master Classes from the 26 – 28 October. Students can still register, up until Monday 5 September.

Subject Selections

Throughout this term the students in Year 7 – 10 have been working with their parents and teachers to make decisions about their preferred subject choices for 2023. While this is an exciting time for the girls, we also understand the difficult choices that many students have in not only choosing their preferred options but also considering reserve preferences.

Now that all students have identified their preferences, work on the timetable has commenced. While we do our best to cater to the preferred options for our students, it is important to remember that we are always constrained by factors such as specialist teachers and rooms, class sizes and subject clashes. Unfortunately, this means some students will be disappointed when they do not receive their preferred options and must consider the most appropriate reserve preferences. Any decision that we have to make, which may affect your daughter, is not made lightly and I would ask that you support us through this process. Students in Year 10 will be consulted, if their preferred options are unable to be met. While not all students in Year 8 – 9 will receive their first 2 preferences, they should be able to receive 2 out of their 3 preferences. Year 7s will receive at least 1 of their 2 preferences. If there are any problems with this, students will be consulted.

All girls will receive a confirmation of their 2023 subjects during Term 4.

Melissa Dever

Deputy Principal Curriculum

News from the Dean of Student Formation

On Thursday 25th August the Brigidine College community recognised and participated in R U OK? Day. Lead by the Peer Mentor Students, the day reminds us to stay connected to each other, have meaningful conversations and encourage more people to ask R U OK? The Brigidine pastoral team and broader community aims to promote good mental health through positive behaviours and the lessons of R u OK? Day emphasise the message that we frequently share with students. Through home room, formation, day-to-day conversations and cocurricular activities such as the newly formed Social Walking Group the pastoral team aims to equip students with the ability to ask the question but also be able to respond to the question, R U OK? We recognise and share that it is important to discuss how you are feeling and that it is okay if you are not okay all of the time. It is important to talk about your feelings and share how you are feeling with others. We promote the importance of asking for support from those who are able to provide it. We encourage these conversations between teachers, teacher and student, students and families.  

Dani Sprenger

Dean of Student Formation

News from the Languages Department

The Languages Department has had an amazing line up of activities to pique students’ interest this term. Year 10 Japanese and Year 9 and 10 French students practiced their French with Ambrose Treacy and Gregory Terrace students as we started up the French and Japanese annual dinner again. Year 11 and 12 French students also had a chance to get to know one another and taste some exquisite French food from Boucher French Bistro. 

Our first Languages Day on 23 August was a great success, including a Japanese Taiko Drum performance, international food stall, games and activities from Japan, France & Canada, and a traditional costume competition. 






Students have been very excited to welcome exchange students back to Brigidine with 17 students from Kanagawa Gakuen in Japan hosted for a week by Brigidine students, and Lilie Mingot (hosted by Year 10 students Faye and Shavini) and Jeanne Roure visiting from France. Faye and Shavini are now planning their trips to France next Year to be hosted in turn by Lilie. 






We had some wonderful guest speakers – past Brigidine students Brooke Szucs (2013 graduate  – French and Japanese) and Sophie Coombs (2016 graduate – French has received a scholarship to study cinema at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris) – tantalise us with the possibilities of University exchanges, scholarships and funded travel opportunities.  

Finally, Japanese students have been lucky enough to have a Japanese assistant, Mamiko Asano, help in their classes. A big thank you to Mamiko for volunteering her time to assist our Japanese students! 

Cathy de Vos

Curriculum Leader – Languages

News from the Sports Department

What an exciting fortnight of sport it has been! 

Water Polo registrations have opened for the 2022/ 2023 BWPI Summer Competition.  All season details can be found on the College App and Community Portal.  Registration will close on Friday 9 September. 

We look forward to hosting the GBC Finals on Saturday 10 September at Ambrose Treacy College.  Brigidine College will be holding a bake sale and all assistance from both students and Parents/ Guardians is appreciated!  Please reach out to the Sports Department if you can help out on the day. 

Our uhlsport Cup Girls team defeated All Hallows’ School in the Semi Finals last Tuesday 23 August.  The team played in the uhlsport Cup Girls Grand Final on Thursday.  Brigidine College placed Runners Up, a fantastic achievement for our team!  Thank you to all of the supporters for cheering on from the sidelines!  Congratulations to the team, what a joy you are to watch. 

The 10-19 years Metropolitan West Track & Field trials were held on Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 August.  Congratulations to Emma Neish and Marissa Hanlon who have been selected in the Metropolitan West team to compete at the Queensland School Sport State Championships in October. 

We wish our athletes Good Luck for next weeks GBC Track & Field Carnival to be held on Tuesday 6 September at QSAC.  This is the final event on our Track & Field calendar and we look forward to hearing of your results after a strong performance at the CaSSSA Track & Field Carnival. 

Good Luck to Gabby Jackson and Emma Neish who are also in their final preparations for the School Sport Australia Triathlon Championships to be held in Hervey Bay.  Gabby and Emma will compete on Thursday 8 and Friday 9 September and we look forward to hearing about their experience at the National Championships. 

Good luck to Scarlett Premerl for her final preparations for the School Sport Australia 18 years & under Girls Football Championships to be held in Sydney.  Scarlett has been named Vice Captain of the Queensland team. 

Rebecca Horne

Director of Sports