From the Principal

Spirit of God,

Help us know that our human wisdom and good intentions are useless to the suffering.

Give us the insight and humility of Jesus, the wisdom of the Spirit, the gentleness of God and the capacity of our bodies and hearts to have compassion.


“What does it mean to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly (Micah 6:8)?”

Welcome to the 2024 school year at Brigidine College!

As the College welcomed all staff and students on site from Wednesday 24 January, it is particularly poignant that the focus for our community, is one of Hope. I invite all to engage in the opportunities to touch something deep within us, to ‘bring a sense of purpose’ as we continue to walk with the most vulnerable’ as well as provide support and a future focused optimism for 2024.

In exploring the understandings of what Hope our community, we will be WALKING with and having EMPATHY for all!

At the heart of our action however we set our compass settings to a heart to be disposed towards Hope.

The way of Jesus therefore is an invitation to a way of living, loving, and relating—on earth as it is in God. In Corinthians Paul writes that through Christ we can access a different way of knowing, not in the words taught to us by human wisdom but in words taught by the spirit.’

Throughout his life on earth, Jesus’ spirit was of profound humility. He washed the disciples’ feet, ‘not to be served, but to serve’. Jesus is the embodiment of God deeply in love with us, embodied with gentleness and humility.

The feast of St Brigid, our patron saint is celebrated on the 1 February each year. According to the Ancient Celtic calendar in Ireland, this is the first day of spring and heralds in the beginning of new life and warmer weather after the long chilly winter. It is apt therefore that Brigid’s feast day occurs at the beginning of the new school year.

Brigid’s spirit lives in our beginning. It is reassuring that characteristics of the St Brigid we know from the ancient stories are part of the everyday at Brigidine College. The warm welcomes, the laughter, the cheerfulness remind us of the beautiful, intelligent, quick and lively St Brigid whose kind heart and generosity were legendary.

As the College began the school year 24 January, a refreshed understanding of the ‘Brigidine Way – Ways of Learning, Ways of Teaching and Ways of Being.’

Congratulations to our new Year 5, 6 and Year 7 students, new students, new staff and all parents and families for your care and support. The college is extremely excited to welcome our new students and staff to the new Junior School and I invite all our community to visit, share and become involved in our new venture.

With a warm welcome to students and staff next Monday, we hope that the traditional enthusiastic and energetic engagement in classrooms and school grounds will be enjoyed by everyone. Our senior students and ‘Big sisters’ will be there to welcome everyone with ‘joy and gratitude.’

Brendan Cahill


Ireland’s Camino

St Brigid’s Day was marked around the world in a variety of ways but for many, including us at BCI, it is an important day to Pause for Peace.  St Brigid inspires us today as a woman to celebrate for she was empowered with strength and gentleness – with a wisdom which connected her to the environment and the dawn of spring. Brigid is associated with the Celtic Season of Light and the dawn of Spring and attributed with qualities of connection to nature and healing and the land.  

The legacy of St Brigid is a a peace-maker and protector of nature which remains relevant to all of us today.  A relic of St Brigid has been returned to Kildare at the Solas Bhride and it is thought that the relic of St Brigid may be the Camino of Ireland! 

Relic of St Brigid returns to home town in Ireland after 1000 years – YouTube 

At Brigidine Indooroopilly we honoured St Brigid’s feast day with a Celtic circle of rocks placed around a cross on the Holy Lawn. Many students came to place stones and pause for peace, remembering the legacy of St Brigid as a peacemaker.  To honour her connection to nature the rocks will be returned to our gardens creating a sustainable celebration to honour St Brigid. 

Di McGowan
Dean of Faith and Formation

Work Hard, Play Hard…

The last two weeks have been buzzing, with students meeting their teachers and establishing positive relationships and routines. I am sure you have found your child a little extra tired since being back at school.

In assemblies we have been discussing the motto, “work hard, play hard”.

What do I mean by this? We have discussed with our students how when we work hard, we find we have more time for things we love.

Students were given these three steps to ponder. You may like to do it as well and/or discuss with your child.

First, think about how you spend your free time. How long did you spend doing activities that bring you joy? Did you play netball outside for 30mins? Did you spend time with your friends crafting? Did you paint? Did you sew? Did you cook? Stretch?

Think about the activities that bring you joy. Make a list. When you find you have some time, consult your list. Use your time intentionally.

Secondly, identify your learning goals and reward yourself for achieving them. What would you like to achieve today? This week? This term? This year?

And choose a reward ahead of time. This will increase your motivation to achieve it!  It will be something wonderful to look forward to in anticipation.

Lastly, schedule time to do your learning, but also schedule time to play. Make it grand!

You could say, “oh I’m going to schedule in tv time on Friday night” or you could make it grand, “on Friday night, I’m going to watch this particular show, in my favourite pyjamas, eating my favourite snack and drinking my favourite drink in my favourite chair in the loungeroom!”

Plan your learning, plan your joy. So I leave you with my motto that we’ll be coming back to a lot this year, “work hard, play hard”.


May this year be one of great achievements and wonderful memories full of joy.

Allison Johansen
Dean of Learning

New Journeys

As we embark on the journey of a new school year, there is an unmistakable buzz of excitement and positivity in the air at Brigidine. It is always a joy to welcome all our students, both new and returning, as we gear up for a year filled with hope, growth, discovery, and joy.

This year marks a special milestone as we open our doors to the bright and eager faces of Year 5 and 6 students for the first time. To our newest members of the Brigidine College family, we are thrilled to have you join us on this exciting journey. Your presence adds a vibrant energy to our College, and we are eager to witness the incredible contributions you will make to our community.

We also welcome our new Year 7 students! We understand that starting high school can be both exhilarating and a bit nerve-wracking, but rest assured, Brigidine is a place where you will be supported and encouraged to flourish. We encourage the Year 7 students to embrace this new adventure with hope, open hearts, and minds, and know that your fellow students and dedicated staff are here to guide you every step of the way.

To our returning students, welcome back! Your enthusiasm and familiar faces bring a sense of continuity and warmth to our college. We missed you over the break, and we are excited to build on the successes and memories of the past while creating new ones together.

This year, we are eager to provide our students with a plethora of opportunities for growth and self-discovery through our student formation programs. From leadership development to community service projects, there are countless ways for our students to engage, learn, and make a positive impact on the world around them. We look forward to celebrating achievements, overcoming challenges, and creating lasting memories together.

We are also excited to work in partnership with the families of Brigidine College. Throughout the Blog in 2024 the Formation Leadership Team will be sharing a range of resources for parents, interesting articles and moments of connection; sharing what we are up to here at the College.

The International Coalition of Girls’ Schools has developed a Podcast, The Connected Girl. The podcast aims to offer expert insights into important aspects of girls’ healthy development in a world that can often feel disjointed.

As parents you are invited you to tune in. The Connected Girl is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, and each episode will be linked on the website as it is realised.

Episode 2 with Brisbane-Based Clinical Psychologist Judith Locke explores girls connecting with parents and parents connecting with girls. It is a great listen with lots of helpful tips.

Here’s to a fantastic year ahead, filled with laughter, learning, and the boundless potential that each student brings to Brigidine College. Please reach out the members of the Formation leadership team throughout the Year.

Dani Sprenger
Dean of Student Formation

Jumping into the Junior School news

Brigidine College Junior School has commenced with a hum of excitement and busy learning. Students in Years 5 and 6 are actively a part of college life within Level 1 of the Brigid Centre. Having established classroom routines and plans for learning, the dynamic team of Mrs Wilson, Miss Currey and Mrs Shalders are navigating students through their days. Exciting moments have been exploring the greater college, meeting new friends, receiving their laptop and diverse learning experiences. Senior College students have welcomed Year 5 and 6 with warm smiles and enthusiasm.

Interest has been so great, we have opened the Junior School for sticky-beak sessions. The nostalgia of chair bags, displaying work samples and nooks of intrigue are key talking-points for the ‘big kids’.

Anna Pianta

Junior School Program Leader

The latest in Sports

Sport at Brigidine for 2024 starts off strongly with our CaSSSA and GBC events starting shortly in Week 3. This term we have our CaSSSa sports, Indoor Cricket, Intermediate and Senior Volleyball, and Year 7 & Year 8 Rugby 7’s. With competition day on Wednesday afternoons after school. For our GBC teams, we have Junior and Intermediate Basketball, and Junior and Intermediate AFL, with all competitions for these sports being played on Saturday. The swimming at Brigidine has kicked off with our swimming training held every Monday afternoon, and Wednesday and Thursday morning. We look forward to seeing everyone at our Interhouse Swimming Carnival held in Week 3 on the 7th of February, as well as the 5s and 6s Swimming Carnival held on Friday the 9th of February.

It was great to see lots of students get involved in rowing at the orientation day. With some students with a lot of rowing experience to students that with very little experience. It was great to see students stepping out of their comfort zone and giving a new sport a go! Can’t wait to see these students learn and grow in rowing supported by Brigidine’s sport spirit. Keep up the hard work!

In the last week of the holidays, the grade 5-12 tennis students participated in a tennis camp. Over three days, they did a combination of drills, practice matches, and fun games to work on their technique and skills. It was a great way for girls across all year levels to get to know each other and a warmup for the exciting season ahead. Tennis matches commence soon, so we wish them all luck and congratulate their great commitment!

We can’t wait to see how everyone goes this term and look forward to an amazing year!

Sports Captain, Bridie Ellice

Sports Ambassadors, Annie Hibbert and Lara McLaren

In the Community

Wednesday 7 February – Responsible use of Digital Devices Webinar – click here to register.




Monday 12 February – Temporary Changes to Indooroopilly Interchange

From Monday 12 February, stop A will be temporarily closed for around eight weeks.

Stops C, D, E and F will remain open and accessible during the works and pedestrian access will be maintained throughout the bus station.

Outbound urban routes will be temporarily relocated to stop B.

Citybound services, included 414 and 415 will be relocated to stop F Musgrave Road.

There are no changes for school routes704, 715, 718, 722, 733, 734, 736 and 798. They’ll continue to use stop B.

School route 798, which currently uses stop F, will only use stop B during this time.

For more information visit our website, download the MyTranslink app or call Translink on 13 12 30 anytime.