Principal’s News


In the work of our Hands, in the desires of the heart

May the God of Creation, draw us more deeply into our own life.


May we give ourselves; our skill, our art, our vision, our life,

To the finding of treasure and to the fashioning of it.


May the Holy One who never ceases to practice the art of creating,

Keep us ever at the edge of our skills, our habits, our vision,

That we may never grow so content in our work, in our creating,

That we miss the God who is ever about to do a new thing.

Cf Jan Richardson; The Sanctuary of Women



Over recent weeks I have been interviewing many students in Years 9, 10 and 11 regarding academic scholarships, SET Plans and Leadership.  It has been truly remarkable to share in the thoughts and ideas of our amazingly positive and aspirational young women.

Brigidine College continues to be strongly engaged in digital learning across the curriculum, through infrastructure, devices, embedded digital pedagogies and skills, that promote relevance and immediacy. The blurring of lines with learning from home and at school, has provided time to consider digitalism skillsets which might also reinvigorate curiosity and wonder. Croft, A (2011, p.7) suggests ‘children actively explore other environments with encouragement and support from adults, constructing meaning in context.’ There is much to consider as schools enjoy unprecedented connections with learning, balanced with the depth of effective understandings.

With students and teachers ready to use digital tools to be in control and structure their own learning capabilities, I also am mindful that we do not discontinue strong practices that lead to deep comprehension. Pre-digital skills such a reading and handwriting also provide opportunities for our minds to ponder, to reflect and to also articulate ideas that can have a profound impact on our engagement. Class writing notes allow our minds to process and critically reflect on information and as Bruce Addison (2020) suggests, ‘writing by hand is slower and at time cumbersome but provides further access to synthesis and summarising skills.’

Students and teachers at Brigidine are wonderful agents of change and models of resilience over recent times and I know that we will continue to engage in digital spaces, built from effective models of learning across millennia.

Cocurricular Arts & Sports

Congratulations to the many students, their teachers and families for the overwhelming support for our Arts Nights and CaSSSA Athletics Carnival.

On Saturday August 6th, students from our performance groups and ensembles presented, “A Night of Stars”. This was a wonderful show which featured 14 of our performance groups:

Senior Bridgettes, Junior Bridgettes, Dance Company, Senior Dance Ensemble, Junior Dance Ensemble, College Dance Troupe, College Choir, Cantare, Junior Choir, String Ensemble, Woodwind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Junior Musical Theatre & the Circus Troupe.

Queensland Catholic Colleges Music Festival

It was also wonderful to have the opportunity for some of our ensembles to perform at the Catholic Colleges Music Festival this year, with all receiving fantastic results and feedback. Both the College Choir and the String Ensemble received the Gold award; while our Senior vocal group, Cantare, and the Junior Choir, received the Silver award in their section.

CaSSSA Track and field Interschool Carnival

Congratulations to the many students and teams involved in GBC an CaSSSA sports this term. It wonderful to see so many students actively engaged in these opportunities. The CaSSSA Cross Country and Track and Field results are below. Well done to Ms Rebecca Horne and Ms Bec Cuthbert on their outstanding organisation and care of the athletes.

CaSSSA Cross Country

  • 3rd Percentage Cup
  • 4th Aggregate Cup
  • Third Place- Alanna Dicks, 15 years
  • Third Place- Bridie Ellice, 16 years
  • First Place- Gabby Jackson, 17 years & over

CaSSSA Track & Field

  • 3rd Percentage Cup
  • 5th Aggregate Cup
  • 3rd All Age Relay


Brendan Cahill



News from Vinnies club

Vinnies has been busy!

Our group ran a cake stall on Foley Day with the theme of pink and hearts – the Foley colour and symbol. At the meeting the week before one of our TAFE catering students gave us tips on making coloured icing and rolling out pastry.  There were lots of biscuits and cakes in heart shapes with pink icing ! They were a hit and we raised $370 for the St Vincent de Paul Inala Family Centre.

This week our group had a mini excursion to visit the Holy Family church and baptistery. The baptistery has seven stained glass windows – each depicting a sacrament. It took a while to work out which was which – luckily Fr Michael Grace had sent us a “cheat sheet”! – the rings were marriage, the dove confirmation, the candle last rights and so on. Next we went into the church and Mr Beiers described the 14 stations of the cross on the walls of the church, painted by Australian artist of renown Ray Crooke. Mrs Jeffcoat showed us pictures of when she had been married in this church – and at that time the alter had been in the middle of the church. Before we left, we lit a candle at the side alter and prayed for those in need. It was meant to be just a quick visit but it took up all of lunch – it was really interesting.

Wishmi KPG



News from the Environment club

This week our Environment Club welcomed Elise Zalewski, Animal Rescue Officer with the RSPCA. Elise spoke to us about the work of the RSPCA – caring for wounded animals, rehousing abandoned animals, educating the public and generally being a voice for wildlife.

Elise told us about how she started volunteering at a Vet surgery, then worked in the RSPCA call centre and now as a rescue officer. In her holidays she fosters animals, teaching behavior skills so they can be rehoused with new families. She said that only animals the RSPCA doesn’t rescue was crocodiles and cassowaries.

Almost everyone in the group put their hands up when asked if they have a pet. Pets are great – always glad to see you when you get home. There was a lot of sympathy for the work of the RSPCA and interest in their work supporting endangered native animals.

Chloe West then presented Elise with a donation of $331 for the RSPCA. This was funds raised by Club groups on Environment Day in Term 2, the cake stall and suitcase rummage. It is good to see funds go towards a worthy cause.

Maya Pianta


News from the Senior School

After planning throughout Term 3, on Tuesday the 16th the Senior School Assembly held the inaugural Brigidine Spelling Bee! The best speller from each of our six Houses competed against each other on stage in a classic spelling bee for the coveted Spellers Cup. With assistance and entertainment from our amazing academic judges – Brigidine’s very own Mr Robinson and Mrs Brosnan – the competition was extremely close… successfully spelling ‘exquisite’ we would like to congratulate our first Spelling Bee champion, Foley Prefect Hannah Loli!

We didn’t expect such enthusiastic participation from our audience. Everybody was holding their breath as each contestant spelled out their words, with sighs of disappointment or cheers of joy as they followed along the spelling on the board. We’d like to thank all the contestants, who were all amazing and so keen to compete in our first ever Spelling Bee. Of course, special thanks to Ms Smith, without whom the event would not have been possible. Overall, it was a fantastic event, and we cannot wait for the middle school spelling bee on Monday the 22 August.

Olivia Seiler and Cate Brown

Academic Ambassadors



News from the Arts Department

Arts Day 2022. In the past few years, COVID has significantly impacted on the Arts and the ability to share with our community the fantastic works and artists that we have here at the College. This year we embraced the challenges and came back to celebrate all things Arts. During the day, our College community was entertained with musical acts on the curragh, coupled with dance performances from our curriculum dance students across years 8 to 11. To round up the Arts Day, the Visual Arts students presented their wearable art and artisan market to our audience members. Finally, the finale, an evening filled with Senior performances across the Arts disciplines, Dance, Drama and Music, was held in the Brigid Centre. This was our Seniors of 2022 last opportunity to perform before they embark on their final journey of year 12. The performances were outstanding and a lovely culmination of their years studying in the Arts. Many thanks to all the staff and students who were involved across a range of areas. Without you, these events cannot occur. Also, to our parents, Parent and Friend association and Brigidine Community, thank you for your unwavering support of the Arts here at Brigidine College, your support has an indelible impact on the students that become cherished memory in their schooling journey.


News from Cocurricular Arts Department – A Night of Stars

This term the arts department have been extremely busy preparing for our annual showcase ‘A Night of Stars’ and the Queensland Catholic Music Festival – QCMF. On the 6th of August everything had been bumped in and ready to showcase our 190 performers. With a massive 13 hour day, we prepared for our 2 shows – Matinee and night show. Dance troupes, choirs, instrumentalists and circus all showcased their efforts and hard work they have put in all year.  

Behind the scenes, Mrs Massingham, Ms Bazely-hodges and Ms Kennedy all work extremely hard to ensure the shows ran smoothly, in which they did. Sadly, This was our last time working with Ms Kennedy as we farewell her to her next adventures at new schools.  

On Thursday the 11th, college choir and Junior choir attended the Queensland Catholic Music Festival, in which they were a smashing hit. Both choirs walked away with great results in which Junior choir received silver, and College received gold. On Saturday the 13th The strings ensemble performed and received a well-deserved gold award. Lastly, Cantare performed on Sunday the 14th, and received a silver award. Great job to all involved!