Principal’s News

As we gather in your name

Open our minds to know your voice

Open our hands to do your work

And Open our hearts to hold your spirit

We pray that God’s grace, mercy and peace,

Bless us, keep us and transform us all. Amen


It is with gratitude that many of our community feel to not only be provided with opportunities to enrich their lives, but also hopefully with those we encounter. Through the gospel reading from Luke, we were also reminded the “Ten were cleansed, were they not? Where were the other nine? Has none but this foreigner returned to give thanks to God?” (Luke 17:19)

Only this one leper, the one who returned with a grateful heart, heard our Lord speak these words: “Your faith has served you.” Gratitude to our God is not only our duty, but that it also brings forth manifest blessings in our lives. When we sincerely offer thanks to God for all that has been done, we are manifesting great faith in God as a result. We are pointing to God and this goodness as the source of our blessings and it takes faith to see and profess it.

If we accept that everything in life as a gift, even the struggles we endure, then these can be turned into blessings. As the gospel identifies, even the difficulties we encounter each day, can be turned into opportunities as a grace from God. I pray that all the countless opportunities presented, are ways God graces our lives. Let us all ponder these blessings and be grateful. And rom that gratitude, return a joyful thanks to God.



Salwa Marsh, College Captain 2005

Awards and Acknowledgement Evening – Celebrating ‘Our Brigidine Woman’

With the College preparing for the Awards and Acknowledgement Evening (AAE), due to be held next Thursday evening, I am grateful to everyone assisting with the changed arrangements. The challenges of Covid Safety as well as still celebrating the wonderful achievements of the students, has meant our flexibility continues to be tested. Thank you to our families, staff and students for your ongoing support. The AAE is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the efforts, achievements and spirit of our College Community. I look forward to sharing with guest speaker Salwa Marsh (College Captain 2005) the rich Brigidine welcome and inclusive spirit.

At Brigidine College we strive for our students to do well in balancing the challenge with success and keep a breadth of learning that will help them in the world ahead. Whether a student achieves their “personal best” and or demonstrates the greatest amount of growth and achievement, we encourage and celebrate all students as they “grow as people, broaden their thinking” and take their place in the world.

Congratulations to our Senior Year 12 students with their tremendous spirit and enthusiasm, as they have entered the final few days prior to exams. While I’m sure there are some anxious minds busily preparing for their final pieces of assessment, the college is extremely proud of what they have brought to 2021, their achievements and the mature ways they have approached their studies. Their exemplary approach to the Masterclasses and in engaging with revision tasks, have provided a clear readiness to display their knowledge and understandings.

I wish every success to our young women and look forward to engaging with them and their families at their Graduation on the 18 November.

Blessings of St Brigid

Brendan Cahill


News from our Deputy Principal Mission

Beyond the Chair

During the holidays, a select number of Year 11 students came together to take part in the pilot program, Beyond the Chair.  This opportunity enabled students to explore as ‘Guest” what it might be like to live life with a disability and explore relationships between people with disabilities and people with able bodies.  Guest speakers included, Tracey Jackson, Paralympian and Tristram Peters.

“I would love people to go into schools and put kids in a chair, and let them see just what it’s like from our point of view, because they see it as either something “different”, or “you’re sick” because you’re in a wheelchair, and they don’t know how to talk to you because you’re in a wheelchair” TRACEY JACKSON – Australian Shooting Team and MD community member

Our students came away with new experiences, new vocabulary and empathy, placing themselves in someone else’s shoes/chair. One student remarked, “This has been the greatest experience of my life to date!”  Special thanks to Brigidine Staff, Helen Jeffcoat, Tracey Shaw and Kate Nankivell for their support.

Ceremony for the new leaders Of Brigidine College.

The first day back this term, we gathered for assembly to bless the new student leadership and had a very short liturgy of blessing and commitment for the Year 11 students. It is a reminder and affirmation that they have the capacity to be leaders in our Catholic -Brigidine community.

Prayer for Afghanistan

Let us not forget the people of Afghanistan in our prayers.

We pray that God will open new pathways for them under Taliban control.

“We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair;

persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed.”   2 Corinthians 4:8-9

Andrew Beiers

Deputy Principal Mission


Languages Update 

Term 3 was a busy and exciting one for the Languages Department. Despite our very first Languages Week being postponed due to Lockdown (we had planned Japanese Taiko Drum and French theatre performances, a Language extravaganza on the Curragh, daily specials from around the world at the Curragh Café, guest speakers, a movie afternoon, competitions, Latin dance classes and more!), we nevertheless managed to organise some great activities for our students.  

Four Year 12 French students attended a Mass at St John Fisher College celebrated entirely in French by His Grace, Archbishop Mark Coleridge. His Grace impressed us with his perfect French and knowledge of multiple languages – he told the students learning other languages is the most useful thing he has done. 

Year 9 Japanese students worked hard on their letter writing skills to write a letter in Japanese to students at Ambrose Treacy College. Students also practiced their Origami paper folding skills to include a surprise in each letter – jumping frogs, dolphins, dinosaurs and penguins are just some of the origami creations that were included in each envelope. The students will be very excited to receive a reply in Japanese from ATC students this term. 

Year 12 Japanese students also enjoyed one the three classical Japanese arts of refinement – Ikebana (otherwise known as Kado), the art of arranging flowers. Ikebana is from the Japanese ’ikeru’ (生ける, “to arrange (flowers), have life, be living”) and ’hana’ (, “flower”). Ikebana is a disciplined artform where different flowers and arrangements express different occasions and seasons, and where minimalism is key. Our students made some beautiful creations which you can see below.  

Catherine de Vos 
Curriculum Leader Languages


From the PE Department 

The Physical Education Department has been about moving and the importance of learning through moving. 

Our 7’s have practiced and performed their small group Jump Rope routines and continued to investigate and unpack the Mental health benefits of physical activity. 

 Year 8’s implemented a variety of co-ordinated offensive and defensive strategies to attack and defend goals, in the intense challenge that is Handball. They also explored the findings from the Australian Secondary Students’ Alcohol and Drug Survey (ASSAD), on the use of tobacco, alcohol, over-the-counter drugs (for non-medicinal purposes), and other substances in school students aged 12 to 17 in Australia. 

9 Core learning experience were through Floor Ball and Spike Ball, while 9 Elective focused on Touch Football, Body Systems and Biomechanics. 

10 Core continues to experience a variety of activities with a focus on participation and 10 Elective encountered Ultimate Disc and evaluated if students at Brigidine College are meeting the Australian Movement Guidelines and investigated what barriers and enablers exist in the College. 

Our 11’s were challenged in completing their internal formative assessment and the 12’s continue to prepare for their upcoming external assessment. 

Best of luck year 12’s, you’ve got this. 

Luke Roberts 
Acting Curriculum Leader Physical Education


News from our Deputy Principal Students

Congratulations to the incoming student leaders including Captains, Ambassadors and Prefects. These student leaders were commissioned at the beginning of Term 4, guided by the Year 12 student leaders over the past few weeks. The mentoring training program of incoming leaders has begun, with Year 12 student leaders sharing their experiences and advice.

Earlier this week, the Year 11 Unit 3 and 4 Information Evening included some advice about thriving in the senior school, rather than just surviving. School TV has some valuable resources for parents of senior school students, providing support regarding the perceived pressures of the final years of schooling. Interviews with leading specialists provides parental advice about study, stress, balance, sleep, social media amongst others.

We wish the Year 12s well on their upcoming external exams and look forward to celebrating the milestones with them throughout the term.

Term 4 Formation program continues to focus on the growth and development of the young women at Brigidine. Each year level of Formation curriculum explores relevant topics, appropriate to stages of adolescent development:

Year 7

Term 4 will begin with completion of the ‘Adolescent World’ Unit. Students will learn about the difference between bullying and other friendship concerns. They will learn how to respond assertively when they find themselves – or a friend – being bullied. Year 7s will then learn about developing a Growth Mindset. This unit will give students the opportunity to learn about how mindset is linked to performance. Students will also develop a basic understanding of how the brain works and the concept of neuroplasticity. They will complete the unit by investigating how a growth mindset can support learning and development.

Mr Ben Wilson
Year 7 Formation Program Leader

Year 8

Year 8s will explore the skills of a good leader: service of others, collaboration, creative and critical thinking, confidence, effective communication, and visioning. While not every student aspires to take on a leadership position, they should aim to develop these attributes as they are skills for a fulfilling life! Students will engage in some group challenges and learn about different personality types and how these may impact collaborative efforts. They will also be given the opportunity to create a vision board – which is a visual way of expressing their personal goals and beliefs. This can be used as a motivator or reminder of their purpose and direction in life.

Allison Power
Year 8 Formation Program Leader

Year 9

As we move through the cycle of secondary education, there are significant junctions that enable us to develop character strengths and relationships. The transition into senior school is one of those important milestones. Term 4 Formation focuses on relationships, recognising strengths and looking at ways in which those strengths may be of service to ourselves and our community. We look at ways in which we can develop relationships as peer mentors and big sisters with a focus on building respectful relationships. Part of the focus on respectful relationships includes introducing, defining and understanding concepts of consent alongside the recognition that entering senior school brings new commitments and responsibilities.

Dr Karen Schofield
Year 9 Formation Program Leader

Year 10

Year 10 students started Term 4 through engaging with their Solas Bhride Program facilitated by Character Builders. This program perfectly concluded Term 3’s ‘Embrace’ unit, acknowledging each students’ differences and building unity within the cohort. As part of the Term 4 ‘Prepare’ unit, Year 10s will examine a variety adolescent societal issues such as alcohol, drugs, party culture and drink driving. Students will then conclude the unit by beginning to prepare for Year 11 and sharing their experiences with the incoming members of the senior school.

Jordan Whitney
Year 10 Formation Program Leader

Year 11

Term 4 of Year 11 marks a unique occasion in the lives of the students – the transition to their final year of schooling. This term, students will explore the concepts of mental health, self-compassion and awareness, as well as consent. Research shows that higher levels of self-kindness are associated with greater optimism, compassion, forgiveness and goal mastery as well as lowering rates of anxiety and self-criticism. When we are kind to ourselves, it feels good and that positive emotion makes us more outward facing, better at problem solving and critical thinking and more creative, all of which will be important skills in the year ahead. This period of transition was marked at their final Solas Bhride Twilight where they explore everyday leadership and the legacy they will leave behind. Year 11 students have approached Formation and each Solas Bhride event with a positive spirit and it is hoped that this continues in the journey ahead.

Ms Dani Sprenger
Year 11 Formation Program Leader

Year 12

Year 12 students will conclude Year 12 Formation through examining at the concept of gratitude. Students will discuss, experience, and view examples of acts of gratitude. Through viewing and writing activities, Year 12 students will gain an understanding and appreciation of the potentially far-reaching impact that expressing gratitude can have on themselves and othersThe intention is to conclude the Formation Program by reflecting with gratitude on the outcomes of being a part of the Brigidine Community.

Ms Lisa Kelly-Crawford
Year 12 Formation Program Leader