Principal’s News

Kildare Ministries – Foundation Prayer

We are people of listening hearts. We hear the invitation

We cannot cease from journeying, always one pace beyond.

May we like Brigid, Daniel and Nano know the fire within and trust the opening path.

May we hear the ancient blessings breathed into the ears of our hearts as we create the path to journey by a new and different way.



Student Wellbeing / Formation

While there have been challenges regarding the impact of Covid illnesses over recent weeks, the numbers impacting students and staff are settling with lower numbers reported over recent weeks.

It is pleasing to see our students returning to the College and classrooms with a positive energy ready to engage fully with school life. Attendance is an important aspect of your daughter’s participation in College life. Research confirms a strong link between school attendance and student outcomes; higher student attendance at school is associated, on average, with higher student achievement. Regular attendance at school is essential to assist students to maximise their potential. Being present at school is important but the level of engagement with learning in the classroom is equally important.

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Parent-Teacher interviews were held over the past few weeks, with a wonderful response from families. Following the Online interviews in 2020, parents were invited to respond to a survey regarding their preferences as to the best forum for the interviews. With the Online version being the preference for the majority of families, the interviews continued in this format for 2021. The flexibility, timing and interactive nature of families with their daughters contacting teachers has again proven to be very popular. The College intends to retain this format into the future.

The interviews are an opportunity to discuss your daughter’s academic outcomes as well as her learning habits. We encourage students to always attend these interviews with their parents, to be fully engaged in the feedback of their learning. You may be interested in reading the article – Why Students Should Take the Lead in Parent-Teacher Conferences

With the second term now in full swing, I would also remind families and students of the following to maximise their learning:

  • school attendance can impact on successful learning
  • be prepared with all materials for learning in each class
  • complete all tasks and extension work to maximise outcomes
  • regularly ask for assistance in class, outside ‘study hall / tutoring’ and individual teachers at all times
  • reflect on outcomes and look to set realistic goals for future learning
  • parents to contact teachers for ongoing learning assistance



Senior Formal & Year 11 Social Evening

It was wonderful to witness the students being so positively engaged with important college social events for 2022. The Year 11 Social Evening and Year 12 Formal are anticipated for many months and it was wonderful to see the students and their guests positively enjoying themselves.

Congratulations to everyone who assisted in organising the events, as well as the families for their time and care in supporting their daughters.

I am very much looking forward to a range of college events and pray that all will continue as planned. Thank you to the Parents and Friends Association for their wonderful organisation regarding the Mother Daughter High Tea, the Brookfield Show and the Moggill Marathon later in May. It is wonderful to witness the care and engagement in a range of events.

Fortiter et Sauviter

Brendan Cahill



News from our Deputy Principal Curriculum

It was wonderful to observe that many parents took the opportunity to connect with teachers over the past couple of weeks by participating in the Parent-Teacher Interviews. This is an important part of our partnership with you to work towards optimising learning outcomes for each student.

There are a many other ways that you can remain connected with your daughter’s learning by accessing a range of information available in SEQTA including assessment tasks, due dates, results, feedback, student reflections and goal-setting. Please take some time to look through SEQTA with your daughter and discuss the information that is accessible with your daughter.

It is recommended that you regularly check the Assessment and Study Portal on SEQTA.
This portal is regularly updated and has a range of useful information to support your daughters with study routines. Some of the information you can access is:

  • Study Skills
  • Study Support which outlines
    • Senior Study Hall – Year 10 – 12
    • Middle School Study Hall – Year 7 – 9
    • Library Hours
  • Tutors – Recommended Private Tutors
  • ELES Online Study Skills Handbook – a comprehensive and interactive online guide to a range of study skills.
    • You are encouraged to login and explore the site. Students may work through different units in their Formation or Tutorial programs. All Year 11 & 12 students are expected to work through many of the units.
    • There is also a Parent section, where you may find helpful resources like the following:
  • 10 Top Tips for Parents
  • Top Tips Blog for Parents
  • The College Assessment Policy and Procedures
    • It is recommended that you are familiar with this document, particularly the flow charts towards the end of the document.
    • The Assessment procedures provide information that you may need if you daughter needs to request Amendments to Conditions, due to absence from school due to illness.

Assessment Results – SEQTA

Most subjects are in the process of finalising the results and feedback for their first assessment task. Once results are available, you can view your daughter’s results and feedback in SEQTA.

Choose Assessments from the left hand panel.





Choose the subject that you want to review from the list provided.




You will also be able to view feedback provided by the teacher as well as your daughter’s reflection on her assessment.

Melissa Dever

Deputy Principal Curriculum


Middle School – Creating Blogs in Year 7 English

At Brigidine College in the Middle Years, adolescents develop a sense of self by engaging in real-world learning experiences to understand further their attitudes, values, and beliefs – a core idea reinforced in our Middle Years Philosophy.

In Term 1, this was evident in Year 7 when students responded in English to the big questions ‘Who are you and what do you value?’ Learners defined their values and identified the values they would like to demonstrate more fully in their own lives by developing an action plan. Also, Year 7s engaged with autobiographical, biographical, and persuasive texts where adolescent subjects demonstrate personal values that underpin each written or multi-modal text and shape their identities.

Our students responded to the idea that many people in societies today believe that young people do not have core values in the way that past generations did. Challenging this cultural assumption, our learners created a blog published on the UNICEF’s Voices of Youth website that convinces its readers that young people value either education, the environment, or technology. Compass students also explored culture, human rights, and innovation.

The final persuasive blog texts demonstrate our students’ ability to think creatively, freely, and independently and acquire multi-literacy and ICT skills needed in 21st-century societies.

To see some of the students’ blogs, please click the links below:

Emma Olyott’s blog:

Olivia Heinz’ blog:

Lucy Pagliano’s blog:

At Middle School Assembly this week, our Grade 7 students will receive their Middle School Study Placemat created by the Middle School leaders to support the students in developing their study and revision skills. I encourage your student to use the placemat at home in their study space and refer to it frequently throughout the year when the need arises.

Niesha Hart

Program Leader Middle Years Teaching and Learning


News from the Humanities Department

The 2022 National History Challenge nominations are now open.  This research-based competition is open to all years 7-12 students and provides students with the opportunity to investigate and examine the past. With a theme of “Causes and Consequences” interested participants are to present a discussion or presentation demonstrating their understanding of this theme through one of the following presentations formats: 

  • Individual research essay  
  • 3D Model (individual or group)  
  • Multimedia (performance, website etc) 

With a variety of presentation formats and the open-ended nature of the theme, this competition is a wonderful opportunity for students to explore a topic covered as part of their Humanities history disciplines or investigate an area of personal interest.  Additional information regarding the competition and view past winners entries is available on the History Teacher’s Association of Australia website. The competition closes on 26 August 2022 and the number of entries are limited.  Any interested students should contact Mrs Domenica Strachan to discuss topics, criteria and expectations.  This is a great opportunity; I would encourage all students to reach out and consider entering. 


News from Chanel House

Today, we celebrated our Patron Saint, Peter Chanel. To begin the day, Chanel gathered in the hall for a celebratory mass deepening our knowledge into the values and virtues of Peter Chanel. Through the teachings of his life story, we were able to reflect on how we as a community can incorporate compassion and hospitality into our daily lives being our College and House values for 2022.  

At morning tea, we hosted a tea party at the Holy Lawn inviting all of Chanel demonstrating our house value of hospitality in action. Chanel house was offered a beverage of choice being tea, milo or hot chocolate, and BYO morning tea to enjoy whilst mingling and connecting with their fellow house sisters to live out the spirit of our Patron Saint. 

To conclude our celebration of the day, the whole school was invited to join us in the hall for activities and fun. These activities ranged from decorating cookies, origami hearts with messages, lawn games, cup stacking as well as karaoke and just dance. We are super happy with the turn out and involvement of the College. Overall, we truly believe today’s celebration lived out the values of Peter Chanel, connecting our community during these challenging and confusing times. We would like to thank everyone for their involvement, particularly Chanel whose house spirit shone through today. And finally, Miss Whitney who without her support and dedication, the day would not have run as smoothly.  


Student Research Opportunity

Researchers at the Queensland Brain Institute are seeking healthy volunteers aged 13-19 years to participate in a 2-part study looking at how cognition and the brain develop across the adolescent stage of life.

The study consists of two testing sessions: one involving computerised tasks and questionnaires, and a second involving an MRI brain scan (no radiation involved). All testing sessions will occur at the University of Queensland, St Lucia.

Participants are reimbursed for their time at a rate of $20 per hour and individuals under 17 years of age will be required to obtain parental consent and be accompanied by a guardian.

We are eager to get some school-aged participants on board so do not hesitate to contact Imogen Stead at mail to: for more information, to register your interest or ask any questions.


Would your daughter like to learn to play, or improve their Chess?

Chess Mates run a weekly class at Brigidine on Wednesday afternoons from 3-4:30pm. For more information, have a look at their flyer or visit their website.