Principal’s News


Living God, draw us into unity

Creator of all things, both seen and unseen, speak to us in your great wisdom.

Make us strong as we seek your help and guidance.

Teach us to love all people regardless of race or colour or belief.

May we listen with great care to the heartbeat of this land

  and to its people who cared for it so well and for so long.

May the peace these people and their land have always enjoyed continuing to be strengthened and preserved by all who wish to come and be part of this country and its ‘Ancient Dreaming’.

Glory to you, God of Life, Creating, nurturing, reconciling.

Glory to you forever.


Brigidine College Leadership

As the Year 11 students continue to be engaged in preparing for leadership later in 2022, I share an extract from the Alliance of Girls’ School journal on some insights for young women.

Girls’ schools resist the hidden curriculum in ‘the public pedagogy of role models’

Issue 9/2022: June 9, 2022

Certainly, from watching powerful women, girls learn that women can be leaders — but what else do they learn? They learn that if they take up the mantel and follow suit, they will be subjected to the double bind impact. They will be expected to walk a tightrope between exhibiting the characteristics society expects of women and being seen to have the ‘strength’ to lead.

And this is exactly what Paule and Yelin’s (2022) study revealed. In the treatment of female politicians —like Julia Gillard — girls saw evidence of gender discrimination, rather than gender equality. They saw women targeted, and men tolerated; women scrutinised, and men left alone. The sustained discrimination and misogyny they witnessed had taught them that yes, they can certainly rise, but there are inherent risks associated with living a woman’s life in the public eye that may well mean their downfall.

So, what can educators of girls do to counter this implicit pedagogy? How to encourage girls to feel the fear and do it anyway? Girls are smart. They can see the risks involved for any women who tries to ‘take up too much space’ and so the only course of action for educators is to develop in girls the confidence and motivation to lead — the courage and grit to be change-makers in a gender-biased world. For girls’ schools, it would seem the answer is simply to ‘stay the course’.

And the evidence is in an interesting statistic from the recent federal election in Australia.

We saw the election (and in one case, re-election) of eight formidable female ‘teal’ independent MPs. These eight women saw that change was needed and they made it happen. Interestingly, but in no way surprising, five out of the eight are graduates of girls’ schools.

To put this figure into perspective: while girls’ schools make up just 2% of schools in Australia, they make up 63% of these successful teal independents. Why is this the case?

Girls’ schools are at the forefront of gender equality, deliberately challenging gendered norms and purposefully building girls’ confidence — determined to furnish students with both the conviction and self-belief to see the risks of public life for women, feel the fear, and do it anyway. That’s why 63% of the strong female independents are graduates from a sector that represents only 2% of all Australian schools. It’s just the girls’ school edge.

The Brigidine Community will continue to identify and promote strong and gentle women to be the leaders of today and tomorrow. I look forward to sharing with the Year 11 students their growth and development as our new leaders for 2022/23.

Staff News

Further changes for Term 3 include:

  • Ms Riane Ryan – CML Arts – returns from Maternity Leave July 2022
  • Ms Amelia Cameron – Arts Coordinator July 2022
  • Mrs Sue Miles returns from Long Service Leave
  • Mrs Allison Power – Long Service Leave Term 3
  • Ms Alexina Bishop – English / R.E 6-month contract
  • Mr Hilton Calvino – PE 6-month contract
  • Ms Michelle Tubb – Long Service Leave 6 months

Brigidine Day 18 June 2021

In celebrating Brigidine Day on Friday 17 June, the college acknowledges the wonderful legacy of our founding Sisters and families from Indooroopilly. The legacy left by the sisters to our community from Daniel Delany in Ireland is always an important to identify and celebrate.

Since arriving in Brisbane, the Brigidine Sisters were able to quickly establish a school to cater for the diverse needs of families in the 1920s and 30s.

This has of course developed extensively to enrich the educational landscape of the western suburbs for young women. Brigidine College is also mindful that we continue to work together with our Catholic Education colleagues across Australia. We do not simply exist on our own but join the broader national community in celebrating the outstanding legacy left to us by religious and non-religious in ‘service of God.’

Congratulations to our Brigidine Community!

Thank you to our wonderful community for the engagement and care across a wide range of activities and College Events. These include:

  • Year 12 Formal
  • Year 11 Social Evening
  • Parent Teacher Interviews – Online
  • Naplan Testing Years 7 & 9
  • Mother Daughter High Tea
  • College Board AGM
  • House Patron Days
  • Reconciliation Week – National Sorry Day
  • World Environment Day
  • Interhouse Track and Field Carnival
  • Brigidine Day – 17 June 2022
  • Sports – Rowing, CaSSSA, GBC

As the College takes time to rest and reflect on some many opportunities, I invite our students and families to also take some time to reflect on the learning opportunities, ways to engage and how each of us continue to provide for others when we return in July.

Thank to everyone for your ongoing support for our teachers and staff and I look forward to sharing a great range of initiatives next term.

God Bless and Safe Travels

Brendan Cahill



News from our  Deputy Principal Mission

Sorry Day was commemorated at Brigidine College remembering all past injustices that have been in endured First Nations people. Brigidine commemorated this through music from Jungaji, with words and reflections from Uncle Joe Kirk and Auntie Sarah Kirk. First Nation students assisted with the commemoration through their stories and reflections, particularly Tiah Kalaja, who wrote about why reconciliation is important to her.

Reconciliation Week was commemorated with the changing of bells to didgeridoo sounds and the opportunity for homerooms to complete a Kahoot (Awareness about Culture) and creating hands and feet First Nations symbols and artwork reflecting the importance of Reconciliation Week. Reconciliation Week began with the anniversary of the 1967 Referendum recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as people, not flora and fauna. Students from Brigidine College commemorated Sorry Day with local community elders and local members with Bennarrawa Community Centre which was held at the Sherwood Magpies AFL clubhouse. We heard from elder Steven Coghill SNR and Auntie Gaja Kerry. The week concluded with the 30th anniversary of Mabo day held at Griffith university, Meadowbrook where students from Year 11 at Brigidine college and students from Ambrose Treacy College worked together to offer the welcome dance to assembled representatives from colleges across Queensland.

Andrew Beiers

Deputy Principal – Mission


News from the Environment club

Environment Club Re Potting your Plants Workshop

Environment Day on June 3rd was fabulous.  At the end of the day Mrs Strachan ran a workshop for us on how to re pot your plants. Mrs Strachan’s family run orchards so she is well versed in caring for plants and making sure they do well. We were entranced by her description of the vertical garden she has at home. Wow!

First we practiced on the plants that live in the DU5 classroom. They needed a lot of TLC. Soon they were divided up, new soil a topping of gravel and ready to live again. Next we learned how to create our own little gardens with succulents. Mrs Strachan had brought in a range of little plants for us to experiment with. Then it was watering, with strict instructions not to over do it. It was really good fun and we learned a lot, can’t wait to practice at home ! Thank you Mrs Strachan.

Issy Field and Arianne Donaghy


Delany Patron Day

On the 27/05/2022 the school celebrated Daniel Delany’s Patron Day. Daniel Delany was born in 1747, and he was known for his intellectual brilliance and his marked sensitivity of disposition. Daniel was ordained a priest and with his actions he organised Sunday school for adults and children, where the numbers increased immensely. Daniel had to enlist the help of young women and men to help with the Sunday school. Daniel was a man who valued courage and the love of God by living together in peace and charity. 

On the Patron Day, students made spiders to raise money for charity, bowling, a photo wall, and a secret appearance from “DJ Daniel”. Everyone came together in the Hall, to celebrate the values of Daniel Delany. Through singing, dancing, and raising awareness everyone was energised, happy and willing to give. The $220 we made through the spiders has gone to St Vincent De Paul and the 55 bottles that were used for bowling have gone to Containers for Change. This special day made us, as prefects, feel a sense of connection with everyone and it really brought the school together to recognise where the Brigidine Sisters came from and continue their legacy. 

News from our Curriculum Leader, Health and Physical Education

There’s not been a dull moment in HPE this year, in particular this term as we have navigated our way around Brisbane’s inclement conditions! However I am pleased to report that in true BCI style, the students have showed admirable open-mindedness and perseverance to still get the job done!

Year 10 in particular have continued their “Out of the Box” experience this term under the theme of Holistic Health and Wellbeing. As part of this, each Day 6 during their Core PE lesson, the students have been greeted by expert instructors who have taken them through disciples such as Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. The purposed of these experiences and the wider theme of Term 2 is to not only provide a taster session in these activities but also to have them consider the role they might play in ensuring optimum mental and physical health as they track into their Senior years of study.

On behalf of Y10 in 2022, thank you to IWKA Brisbane and Indigo Soul Wellness for your expertise and lessons learned.

Miss Nankivell

Health and Physical Education – Curriculum Leader


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