Principal’s News

God of Creation,

Grant us the wisdom to care for the earth and till it.

Help us to act now for the good of future generations and all your creatures.

Help us to become instruments of a new creation,

founded on the covenant of your love.



End Term 1, 2021

As our first term has taken many unexpected turns, I would like to thank our families for your care and support over recent weeks. The messaging and understanding of the COVID numbers as well as the recent floods have provided great insight into what is important for communities. Sharing and caring for each person continues to build trust so that everyone can navigate the changes as we enter the Easter Break. The staff at St Brigid’s Student reception have done an outstanding job in managing student care and safe health practices for all of us.

With the online access and many changes to assessment, I particularly acknowledge and thank Ms Dever, Ms Swindail-Hill and Ms Hart, as well as every teacher and staff member, for their ongoing care for learning of our students. I wish everyone a restful and calm Easter Break with the joy and celebration of the Risen Christ. Let us rest to enjoy the company of each other and I look forward to sharing with our community the wonderful opportunities for students and staff to grow and flourish into next term.

Easter – Preparations to receive the Light

In John’s Gospel, 8:12, I am the light of the world; the one who follows me will not walk in darkness but will have light and life. The blind man’s journeys a path of faith which corresponds to that of every disciple. At the beginning Jesus is for him a ‘simple man’ (v. 11), then he becomes a ‘prophet’ (v. 17), and then ‘man of God’ (vv. 32-33), and in the end, the ‘Lord’ (v. 38). The last title is the most important. It is the title with which Christians proclaimed their faith. Before coming to be immersed in the water of photisterian (enlightenment), during the solemn ceremony of the Easter vigil, each catechumen declares in front of the whole community: ‘I believe that Jesus is Lord’ From that moment they are welcomed among ‘the enlightened.  Fr Fernando Armellini.








St Brigid Pray for Us

Brendan Cahill



News from our Deputy Principal Mission and Father Pan


As we reach the end of Term 1, we reflect with gratitude and appreciation amidst the challenges brought about by COVID-19 restrictions, and the need for sacrifice and compromise in order to keep our Brigidine community safe during this current outbreak. This term we have reflected upon the character strengths of persistence, resilience, patience, humility and gratitude, and have explored their relevance for our current circumstances. The staff and students interacted with each other with compassion and understanding.

We recognise our student and staff determination to finish well, to reflect upon and recognise the lessons we have all learned over the course of this term.

We reflect with gratitude on the term that has been – for everyone’s efforts under trying circumstances, for our health, safety and access to education when so many in the world are lacking these. We are grateful for the technology provided by our IT team that lets us keep connected with friends, classmates, teachers and family members around Australia and around the world. We are also grateful for the sustained efforts of our teachers and staff, who have continued to pivot and flex at very short notice and have toiled in a most extraordinarily committed manner.

Our term concluded this afternoon with the Easter liturgy. During the liturgy we prayed and reflected together as we contemplated the great act of God in sending his Son to suffer, die,   and rise so that we may all live life to the full. As we all go for the first term break let us do so with prudence and care according to the signs of the times.

Happy Easter to you and your family. May you enjoy a joyful and lovely Easter holiday.

Andrew Beiers, Deputy Principal Mission


News from the International Women’s Day Team

International Women’s day commemorates women’s cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements. This year’s theme of Break the Bias asks us to imagine a gender equal world. A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. During week 7 (7-11 March), Brigid Students had the opportunity to participate in activities and events designed to improve their understanding of gender equality and develop strategies to take action. Encouraged to wear a splash of purple in solidarity with the day, we were fortunate to hear from some influential women from within our community. Each sharing their journey challenges with gender equality and providing our students with valuable advice, which we hope will assist them beyond school. On behalf of our staff and students, we would like to thank Catherine Dawson and Claire Winkel for speaking to our families and to Rhianna Patrick for MC-ing the night. Also thank you to SQNLDR Sal who came to speak with students from De Porres House about her career in the Air Force, and Jo Kelly who spoke with Damien students about her career in animation, game and app design.Members  of the audience shared some beautiful feedback:

“My daughter and I wanted to express our appreciation for a wonderful evening last night. It was truly inspiring.” Sarah (Year 7 parent).


“…My daughter and I really enjoyed the speakers’ stories of their inspirational and very different paths in male-dominated areas… we enjoyed debriefing their messages on the way home. … events like this, championing women’s workplace rights, are as important preparation for our daughters’ entry to the workforce as their academic studies. It is great to see a leader in girls’ education, like Brigidine College, placing such significance on these issues.

Thank you too to Mr Cahill and Mr Beiers – the overt support of male leaders is also incredibly valuable to showing our daughters that the ongoing fight for gender equality in workplaces and our community is not about ‘men vs women’, but rather that there are good people with strong values who can be relied upon to stand up and do the right thing everywhere.” Ros (Year 

7 Parent).


News from Curriculum Leader, Science

Around the Senior Sciences in Term 1

Year 12 Chemistry

“The year 12 chemistry classes have been working on our student experiments for our second piece of internal assessment. We have done a variety of experiments focusing on the topics of equilibrium, acids and redox reactions. Experiments included Galvanic Cells – looking at the effect of concentration and temp – and Titration experiments – with either Sodium Hydroxide and Acetic acid or Iodine with Ascorbic acid. All of us enjoyed these experiments as they are researched, created and completed by the students. The experiments were done in small groups of 2 or 3 and people collaborated on the experiment idea, research question and all evidence recorded.” – Abby Connolly

“In this unit, Chemistry offered an insight into the concepts of equilibrium, acids and redox reactions. Specifically, in this term we focused upon expanding our knowledge on the pH concept and acids and bases, as well as exploring the volumetric analysis of titrations. We conducted a range of engaging experiments related to this content, offering a visual representation of the theories. This term’s assessment piece involves refining, modifying or extending a student experiment, and investigating the trends which may occur. In particular, my group and I focused upon changing the temperature of a galvanic cell would influence the overall cell potential.” – Julia Montiel

Science and Engineering Challenge Year 10

The Science and Engineering Challenge was an all-day event held at the UQ Centre in St Lucia on Friday 18 March 2022. The Challenge encourages students to consider a career in science or engineering, and to study the enabling sciences in Year 11 or 12. Challenges on the day are varied and required skills in either practical building or critical thinking. Students formed teams of maximum 4 students competing against other Brisbane schools in each event. Each team did either two half-day activities or one full day activity. Students must put their best problem-solving minds to the test designing an earthquake-proof tower, building a mars rover, bridge, or bionic hand, providing electricity to a city or creating an effective water turbine or efficient transport network.

Green group – Water Turbine and ElectraCITY

  • Build a model turbine that spins efficiently to generate power as fluid flows over it
  • The power is in your hands, the task is to provide the lowest-cost electricity to the city’s infrastructure.

“Our group had the opportunity to complete the water turbine challenge and powering a city. We enjoyed being able to complete hands-on work as well as problem solving; especially in the electricity activity. We did really well in this activity as we had great teamwork. Something that we learnt today was how to make a water turbine work. A challenge we found was trying to make the water turbine stable.” – Yzellah, Emilia, Mony and Vi

Purple group – Helter Skelter Shelter and Stringways

  • Design and refine 2 towers to withstand sideways motion as much as possible in a simulated earthquake.
  • Planning efficient transport networks to link towns is one real, modern challenge, so no one is left behind!

“We enjoyed trying new things and putting our ideas to the test. The activities challenged our critical thinking skills and tested our ability to overcome challenges. We enjoyed working as a team to build structures able to withstand static and tremor activity and participating in friendly competition.” – Annie, Emily, Lucy T and Faith

Orange group – Grasping at Straws and Return to Mars

  • Building a bionic hand is in reach with everyday materials such as straws, elastics and string!
  • Construct a buggy with a basic suspension system to transport loads securely over undulating Martian terrain.

“We did a lot of mechanical engineering mainly biomedical, and we enjoyed the creativity of the activities and the hands-on approach of working as a team. Something that learnt today was how to use the suspension technique on a space rover that we created.” – Laura, Georgia, Pari and Lucy Q

Silver group – Bridge building

  • Design and construct model bridges to support a trolley carrying ‘gold’ ingots across a gap in the tracks.

“Throughout the day we communicated and worked together to build the bridge that could hold heavy weights. We adapted to the challenges set for us, working though hardships, and the outcome was better than expected. Despite getting confused, we came up with a great plan and made the best of it. By the end of the challenge, we were very in sync with our thinking and created an amazing bridge.” – Caitlin, Chloe, Gemma and Jeanri

Thank you to Phillipa Holtz for attending this excursion and supporting our Year 10 students throughout the day.

Year 11 Biology

The Year 11 students have been completing their student experiments for their first assignment task this year. Their investigations focused on the enzyme catalase, which can be found in raw potato.


Junior Engineers School Holiday Program





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