Principal’s Update

God of compassion, you are our refuge,
You are our comfort and strength in times of sudden disaster, crisis or chaos.
Be with the world community during this time of illness and uncertainty.
Grant us the strength to endure this unforeseeable event.
Hear the prayers of a broken community, for those suffering illnesses and those caring for family members connected to this global pandemic.
May we ask you to hear their distress and grant mercy and relief in our sadness.
We ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord of peace.
St Brigid, Pray for us.

Lent 2021

One of the ways in which we can reach out to others and help end poverty is to donate generously to Project Compassion.  Project Compassion is Caritas Australia’s annual Lenten fundraising and awareness-raising appeal which serves to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity.  The work of Caritas Australia is underpinned by Catholic Social Teaching (CST). CST covers all spheres of life – the economic, political, personal and spiritual. Some of the CST principles that guide the work of Caritas Australia are:

  • Dignity of the human person
  • Subsidiarity and participation
  • Solidarity
  • Preferential option for the poor

Project Compassion boxes have been placed in each Home Room at the College and we encourage students to give what they can to this important cause.

“We must regain the conviction that we need one another, that we have a shared responsibility for others and the world, and that being good and decent are worth it.” Pope Francis, Laudato Si

Representing Brigidine College

Over recent weeks, our Student Leaders have been extending a strong invitation to all students to understand the value and importance of what it means to represent the College. Whether it be through interviews, visitation tours, excursions, sporting teams or cultural activities. The opportunity to represent the College at any time, is one that many students are excited about and thoroughly enjoy the recognition and sense of achievement. I certainly welcome all girls to represent the College with care and pride, so that the benefits for our community touch all of us.  Let’s continue to share this pride with grace and responsibility.

Congratulations to the students who represented the College at the CaSSSA and GBC Swimming Carnivals last week.  A truly wonderful effort with many girls swimming their personal best and the College improving their overall result.  Congratulations also to the coaches and supporters who were outstanding with their organisation and support of the team.  I also acknowledge the Spirit Squad and their efforts to support students and extend the value and importance of what it means to represent their College.

Congratulations also to the musicians, dancers, choral and drama students for their beautifully presented and meaningful understandings of contemporary ideas leading up the Easter.

Congratulations also to Madison Minty and Maya Pianta who have been selected to the Lord Mayor’s Young Environmental Leadership Network (LMYELN) Program.

Kind regards and blessing to our community,

Brendan Cahill

Deputy Principal Students

Vaping is a concerning trend growing amongst adolescents across Australia that many schools are now dealing with. Whilst this is not an epidemic, there is cause for concern because young people are experimenting with e-cigarettes. Vaping is the inhalation of aerosol produced when using an electronic cigarette. There is evidence of health risks associated with vaping, the primary concerns related to nicotine addiction and exposure to chemicals that can be toxic to the body. Unfortunately, vaping can be appealing to adolescents because there are vapes that come in enticing and child-friendly flavours and are discreet in size. Students and parents should be aware that vaping is prohibited at Brigidine, including the use, possession, sharing or providing smoking related products. We support parents in having conversations with their daughters about the detrimental impact of vaping. Students will have an education session with their Pastoral Leaders about the dangers, laws and marketing of e-cigarettes. If your child is vaping, they are breaking the law in Queensland. For further information and approaches to talking about vaping with young people, please see the Australian Alcohol and Drug Foundation website. Please contact the College if you have further details about vaping that may assist with reinforcing this message; and contact your daughter’s Home Room teacher or Pastoral Leader if you have concerns about her wellbeing.

Friday 19 March was the National Day of Action Against Bullying. This was recognised as significant at Brigidine, affirming our approach to building positive relationships. The Peer Mentors raised awareness about anti-bullying behaviours and challenged every student to be a part of the solution in their commitment to treat others with respect. Dr Michael-Carr Gregg provides valuable information on wellbeing with helpful hints for parents on topic such as friendships, cyber-bullying, resilience, and school refusal.

A strategic direction in the pastoral area of the College in 2021 is to use data to inform practice and approaches to student wellbeing. Next week, Years 8 and 9 students will trial a brief wellbeing survey to collect student perspectives. The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework expects schools to identify areas of strength and development about student wellbeing and evaluate this data to respond to wellbeing needs at the College. The brief 7 question survey is in the form of a rating scale and covers topics including: emotions, physical health, sleep, productivity in learning, goal-setting and positive engagement with peers. If you have any concerns about your daughter participating in a 1-2 minute survey in Formation class, please contact the College.

Melinda Egan
Deputy Principal Students

Science News

Science has started off with a ‘bang’.  Over 130 students have put their hands up to be 2021 Science Representatives (with Year 11 students being part of the University of Queensland Science Ambassador Scheme).

Our first Science Club event was held last week.  Year 12 Science Ambassadors performed some science demonstrations involving acids and bases plus elephant toothpaste.   This was followed by students having the opportunity to make some tasty sherbet.  Thank you to the Year 12 Ambassadors for this great event.

Classes have been busy with lots of practical work:

  • Year 7 completed the Bunsen burner licence and investigated reactions
  • Year 8 in their chemistry unit have made some delicious ice-cream
  • Year 9 have been studying some of the body systems and will dissect brains
  • Year 10 Natural Science – have been studying chemistry and investigating the rate of reaction
  • Year 10 Physical Science – are studying forces and motion and carried out a range of mini experiments on magnetism and buoyancy
  • Year 11 Biology modified an experiment and are working on their first student experiment assignment
  • Year 11 Chemistry and Physics are working on their first research investigation assignment as part of their Unit 1
  • Year 12 Chemistry, Biology and Physics have completed experimental work for the student experiment around the topics from Unit 3

During our Week of Wonder, several Science representatives are assisting and will be performing demonstrations for visiting parents; many Science classes will also be welcoming visitors to their classes.

Deb Guthrie
Curriculum Leader Science

Let’s talk Sport

Term 1 for the Sports Department has been a hectic but great way to start the school year again. The College has provided a range of sports and activities for students to be involved, such as District Trials, CaSSSA and GBC Sport, and weekend CaSSSA sports such as Water Polo, Tennis and Rowing.

Our participation at Brigidine has expanded immensely, as our teams and athletes are involved in many sports to try and give their best. In 2021, we want to institute new ideas that will empower all the young women in our community to be a part of Brigidine Sport and encourage individuality. A key goal for us is to initiate self-defence classes during school hours, to provide an additional education about real-world situations to have the skill of self-protection. A new fundraiser, called Gate to Gate, initiates this year to promote fitness within the College and advocating for environmental causes. We have already kickstarted 2021 with our annual Interhouse Dodgeball for students to have fun and become closer with their fellow peers. We are excited for more students to get involved and be a part of the Brigidine Sports community this year!

Zaria, Millie and Erin

Senior School News

#Choosetochallenge was the theme for International Women’s Day this year and this was the theme that I have run with when talking to Senior School students over the last two weeks. I promoted students to challenge gender norms, relationship status and their own study habits.

From early March, I was appointed as the Program Leader Senior Years for the remainder of the year in the absence of John Crawford. John provided the Senior School with consistency and structure with a clear focus on individual student achievement and performance. Throughout this year, I plan to do the same, supporting each Senior School student to work towards achieving their goals.

One way the College offers academic support to the Senior students is through Study Hall. Study Hall gives students the option to access paid tutors Monday – Thursday afternoons from 3:15pm – 5pm. If you would like to access this for your daughter, information can be found on the College website and payments made via the parent portal. This option is a lot cheaper than private tutoring and your daughters can access this four times a week.

The Study Hub is another College initiative, which is a quite space in Duvac for students to study, this is open each morning and afternoon. Throughout the year these programs will be review and changes in times may occur.

I look forward to working with the Academic Ambassadors and all Senior School students this year.

Korryn Swindail-Hill pictured with Maddie Harris and Archisha Sami

Korryn Swindail-Hill
Acting Program Leader Senior Years

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