St Brigid’s Day 1st February

As her feast dawns across the globe and Brigid spreads her cloak o’er all the world,

We grasp its folds together and, as one, lay it down gently, where there is want,

Desolation and crisis.

We cannot help but go at this sacred moment: so much – so many – needs our hands, our

Hearts and our love.

We whisper peace, We dream together, We Hope


Welcome to the 2021 school year

The school year at Brigidine College began on the 27th January with a warm welcome to students and families. The enthusiasm and energy with which our students greeted the new school year, as well as their active engagement from the beginning, assists our new students settle quickly. I would particularly commend our Year 10 ‘Big Sisters’ walking the extra mile with their Year 7 buddies for the first few days. The Year 12 student leaders have also provided that wonderful energy to engage in the year.

The feast of St Brigid, our patron saint is celebrated on the 1st February. According to the Ancient Celtic calendar in Ireland, the 1st of February is the first day of spring and heralds in the beginning of new life and warmer weather after the long cold winter. It is apt therefore that Brigid’s feast day occurs at the beginning of the new school year. This was also an opportunity to celebrate Daniel Delany with the Delany House (patron) Mass Day.

Indeed, Brigid’s spirit lives in our beginning. It is reassuring that characteristics of the St Brigid we know from the ancient stories are part of the everyday at Brigidine College. The warm welcomes, the laughter, the cheerfulness remind us of the beautiful, intelligent, quick and lively St Brigid whose kind heart and generosity were legendary.

For Brigidine College in 2021, is particularly poignant that the focus for our community, is one of Wonder. This will be year where the wonder of learning will be explored in classrooms, our offices and playing fields to embrace what the creativity and awe our lives hold for each other. As we unpack the Kildare Ministries Justice and Peace Charter, our community is invited to welcome all with the dignity and respect afforded by God and presented to each of us. Not only are exciting events (COVID-safe) planned, but the opportunity to touch something deeper within all of us, identify why we continue to provide an invitation to the most vulnerable, provides a rich engagement for all in our community.

Strategic focus: 2021
  • Living Justice – Living Peace
  • Middle Years Learning
  • Learning Data – Analysis, Evaluation
  • Literacy & Numeracy
  • Senior Assessment & Reporting
  • Staff Well-being – Renewal
  • Student Formation – Positive Behaviours
  • Staff Collaborative Leadership
We welcome the following new staff:

Ms Sally Flynn                  Teacher – English/Religious Education

Mrs Leanne Gordon        Teacher – Mathematics

Ms Rebecca Jones            Teacher – Food, Nutrition and Fashion

Mr Adam Juang                 Curriculum Leader, Mathematics

Mr James Lacey                 Teacher – Languages

Ms Lan Tran                        Teacher – Mathematics/Science

Ms Hailey Atkins                 Visual Art Aide

Ms Anne Chappell               ADL Teacher Aide

and welcome back:

Mrs Amelia Cameron         Teacher, RE and Performing Arts

Staff Changes:

Mr Luke Roberts                               Acting Curriculum Leader, HPE

Staff on Leave:

Mrs Diana Chambers                      Long Service Leave

Mrs Sophie Johnson                       Maternity Leave

Mrs Chelsea Muscat                       Maternity Leave

Congratulations to:

Ms Michelle Sharkey                      Baby Girl

Farewell to:

Mrs Suzanne Garvey                      Curriculum Leader, Mathematics

Senior Results 2020

Congratulations to the Year 12s of 2020 who achieved wonderful results, with many students achieving their best results for the year. Their commitment to their studies was outstanding and with their teachers, were expertly prepared for the exams through wise and careful counsel.

ATAR Eligible – 105
Results based on data from 96 students
95.5 + (OP 3) 14%
91.15 + (OP 5) 32%
77.85+ (OP 10) 61%
62.55+ (OP 15) 90%

Across the cohort, a number of students achieved 100% in their exams across a range of subjects, with over 77% of students achieving an A or B result across all exams completed. With over 90% of students also being offered their first or second choice for tertiary studies, I look forward sharing their success with the College community next week. All students have achieved their desired pathways through tertiary institutions and traineeships, and we wish them well for the future. I also commend the teachers and families of these Year 12 students for their efforts and sacrifices to assist the students in achieving their best.

New College Event

Graduates Awards 2020 (2 February 5pm, Kildare Hall)

Dux / Sr Patricia Whitby Awards / First Place Subject / ATAR 95 Above

Brendan Cahill




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