Di McGowan

Dean of Faith and Formation

For over 25 years, I’ve dedicated my career to teaching in Catholic schools. Having had the opportunity of attending Catholic schools, I am deeply committed to giving back to an educational system that played a pivotal role in my personal growth and development.

Drawing inspiration from the story of St. Brigid and the richness of Celtic spirituality and culture, with a connection to nature presents a unique opportunity to engage and unite our students with ecological spiritually. My goal is to guide both the staff and students, continuing the tradition of the Brigidine sisters in our school community. In doing so, I wish to ensure the values of Justice, Wonder, Courage, Compassion, Hope, and Hospitality, are applied to our contemporary context. To sustain and promote all groups in our school community as well as acknowledgement of the place of First Nations spirituality as part of our context.

With over two decades of experience working in various schools across the Catholic sector my formal qualifications include a Master of Educational Leadership in Catholic Education, a Graduate Diploma in Education, a Graduate Diploma of Religious Education, as well as a Bachelor of Arts (Humanities).

Looking ahead, I am excited about collaborating with the College community. Together, we can share the rich Catholic charism and delve into the inspiring history encapsulated in the story of St. Brigid.