Dani Sprenger

Dean of Student Formation

I began my time at Brigidine College in 2009 and during this time, I have held a variety of roles including Cultural Coordinator, House Pastoral Leader and I am now the Dean of Student Formation.

Having completed my Degree in Music and Teaching from QUT, and then my Masters in Educational Leadership (Pastoral care) from ACU in 2014, I have relished the opportunity to work in an area I love – to share my love of Music, Religion and Humanities with our students, while supporting their developmental growth.

As someone who is extremely passionate about girls’ education and helping young women to dream big, set goals, develop a sense of agency and stretch beyond their comfort zone to determine their own future, working at Brigidine College, I am so pleased to have the opportunity to play a part in the development of young women daily.

My commitment and passion as an educator and leader will always be to the students, the teaching profession, professional development, and constant reflection and development of new and innovative 21st Century evidence-based practice.