Allison Johansen

Dean of Learning

It is a privilege to be the Dean of Learning at Brigidine College. Partnerships between our students, their guardians and us as a College are integral to the holistic development of the student and our purpose as educators.

As a teacher for over 15 years, a middle leader for 5 years and a senior leader for over 6 years, and having worked in Education Queensland schools, both metropolitan and regional, Anglican and now Catholic, I have had the pleasure to work with many students, their families and communities.

Learning is a love of mine; I have a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, and Master of Leadership and Management in Education with Distinction. In 2017 I was awarded by The Educator as ‘Rising Star’.

Having two daughters myself, and being one of three sisters, I know the value of girls’ education and how it can change the world. Our young people deserve to thrive.

I want our students to know and believe they can achieve a good life. Here at the College, our young people are empowered in their self-belief and self-love, who trust their intuition and take initiative, expand their mind and sharpen their skills and enjoy the different,  cheer on others, make room for the lonely, and lean on the adults who love them.

To our students I say, “You were made for great things! You are wonderful and strong and capable and have so much to offer our community and our world. Share your love. Share your light. Make this year one you are proud of.”