Students, staff and the wider Brigidine community had the opportunity to meet Ellyse Perry as part of her book tour to launch Perspective.

Perspective is an empowering book with a unique view of what it is to be an elite athlete from one of Australia’s most admired sports stars.

Ellyse is an Australian sportswoman who made her debut for both the Australian cricket and the Australian women’s national soccer team at the age of just 16.

As Ellyse attended an all girls’ school, she was passionate about hosting her launch at a girls’ school to inspire future sportswomen. In fact, as a teen, Ellyse played against Brigidine College in Randwick and has fond memories of this.

Mel Jones, cricket commentator and former cricketer who represented Australia, also visited the College to conduct a fun Q&A session with Ellyse.

Ellyse was incredibly humble as she talked about her career, new book and passion for sport.

Students were captivated during the Q&A and were motivated by Ellyse’s words of wisdom.

“Women’s sport has come a long way since my debut. We have experienced an exciting era of change and our sporting culture is amazing,” said Ellyse.

When asked about how she pushes through the harder days, Ellyse encouraged students to have accountable friends.

“Half the battle when you’re tired is starting. Find friends who motivate you and who you love training with,” said Ellyse.

“Sport offers amazing benefits regardless of the level. You have the opportunity to be active, make new friends and have some fun,” Ellyse added.

Ellyse’s success is testament to hard work and persistence. She shared that her family has been incredibly supportive which has made her journey worthwhile.

Thank you for visiting our College, Ellyse. We can’t wait to read your book.


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