Congratulations to Piper Frederickson who was awarded College Dux for 2020 and to Skye Nugent who received the Sr Patricia Whitby award for Outstanding Academic Achievement.

Some lasting words from Skye – I am encouraging you to study what you love – without reservation. Whether it is the Arts, STEM subjects, Religious Education, History, Geography or languages, it is not your job to play by other people’s rules or to conform to what you think will get you the best academic outcome. It is not your job to measure your own success against a sliding scale that often discounts passion and fulfilment.

Some lasting words from Piper – This year, I am fortunate to be the recipient of the UQ Ramsay undergraduate scholarship, awarded for my academic and community service achievements in high school. This scholarship supports me in my dual Honours program of Advanced Humanities and Law at UQ, majoring in Western Civilisation. I want you to know that it’s ok to not know where you’re going to end up, and I actually think my uncertainty leaves me more willing to experience as much as I can and more open to finding opportunities in places I don’t expect.

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