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We are delighted that our commitment to learning has been recognised by the Australian Education Awards as we are a Finalist for Best Professional Learning Program in 2020 and was recently showcased in articles by The Teacher online.

Teachers are innovators and inspire many people in a world of increasing change. They nurture and support each other to build student capacity; to be resilient people who display compassion, care and well-being to enhance skills and competencies required to have a positive change in our world. QCT Director Deanne Fishburn stated,

“Teaching is not for everyone. It is for the brilliant, the creative, the empathetic, the adaptable, the resilient and the smart.”


Hence, we have a duty to early career teachers to help cultivate, develop and build them to be these outstanding citizens. Brigidine College’s commitment to early career teachers is to help guide their practice, build partnerships and raise the public’s perception of our most worthy profession. Brigidine College is a leading Catholic school dedicated to developing girls through academic excellence, personal endeavours, as well as faith and service to be ‘women of our time.’ The staff of our College uphold values that promote care to one another and our environment whilst emphasising our responsibility to ‘walk with’ our community.

Fellowship Program

Brigidine College aims to encourage preservice teachers to develop and foster relationships and partnerships with teachers at Brigidine College, as well as to observe and share effective teaching and learning practice. Preservice teachers will be partnered with a Brigidine College teacher from a similar subject context to ‘shadow’ them for the first four weeks of Term 1. This opportunity would include professional development days as well as learning about new students and their learning needs, routines, expectations, assessing prior learning, interhouse carnivals, assemblies, ACER tests, immunisations, photo day etc. Opportunities to attend further professional development during the school year may also be available. AITSL’s Professional Standards for Teachers will be demonstrated across the three levels of knowledge, practice and professional engagement during this fellowship.

The Teacher Magazine articles

Read more about how we support our new teachers in the following articles:

Pre-Service Teacher Requirements
  • Entering your last year of either a Bachelor Education or Master of Teaching
  • Majoring in one or more subject areas: English, Science, Mathematics, Humanities, Technologies, Religious Education, Languages, Arts, Health and Physical Education
  • Sign in and out at Administration Office
  • Workplace Health and Safety modules completed onsite
  • Student Protection training completed onsite
  • Volunteer / Unpaid
  • Hours documented for Professional Development purposes
  • Demonstrated Professionalism
  • Academic / Professional article to reflect learning journey of approx. 600 – 800 words with referencing with intention to publish.

Note: This is not an internship or practicum experience for credit, it is a voluntary program to enhance the initial teacher education university programs offer to increase retention in early career teachers and foster mentor relationships.

Submission Guidelines

Complete the below Application Form. This requires:

  1. Professional statement of approximately 200 words to support application
  2. Copy of past professional experience report demonstrating satisfactory level of achievement
  3. Copy of academic transcript to date (GPA of 5 or above)
  4. Copy of Suitability / BlueCard
  5. Copy of Driver’s Licence/other form of photo ID

Enjoy this short video on our Program


Applications are now open for our 2023 intake. Please complete the form below to apply.

All submissions are to be made directly to the Assistant to the Principal, Professional Teaching and Learning

Pre-Service Teacher Fellowship Application Form 2023

  • First and Last
  • 200-300 words to support why you would benefit from the pre-service teacher fellowship program.
  • Max. file size: 15 MB.
  • Max. file size: 15 MB.
  • Max. file size: 15 MB.
  • Max. file size: 15 MB.
    Report demonstrating satisfactory level of achievement
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