Brigidine College is planning a new Science, Technology and Maths building on Fairley Street. It is wonderful to witness the beginning of our new building project, due to be completed by 2020. This new development will generate additional vibrancy and passion to the curriculum and entrench STEM learning well into the future. With fences up and a SOD Turning ceremony with the construction team, this new and exciting project is underway. Keep an eye out for regular updates and photos throughout the year. We are fortunate this construction is not impacting the College with the location in the far corner of the grounds.

Pictured: Eunice Zhu (Assistant Project Manager APP), Sr Chanel Sugden csb, Sr Maree Marsh csb, Chantel Alder, Brendan Cahill (Brigidine College Principal), Rob Yates (Alder Constructions Project Manager), Mrs Robyn Killoran (Brigidine College Board Chair), Ms Katrina Kupke (Brigidine College President P&F Association)

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