Give your daughter an edge with our Excellence Programs: Compass – Laser – Honours. For girls in Years 7-11, by application only.

How do you make a girl think more, learn more, achieve more than she thought possible?

It’s a great question, but a proven answer is by enriching and extending their learning through project-based learning, real-world applications, STEM development and a stronger understanding of study-skills.

At Brigidine our Compass, Laser and Honours Excellence programs extend girls’ skills, capabilities and knowledge to ensure academic rigour. By the end of the programs, they’ll be prepared for the challenge of Senior (Years 11-12), University and further career pathways.

Our Compass program challenges high potential students in Years 7-9; LASER is our STEM-focused cocurricular program for Years 7 to 11; and, Honours is an academic enrichment and extension program for Year 10 students.

Each of these programs is designed to provide our students with additional learning opportunities and to help them to enquire and problem-solve in a broad range of subjects.

Girls who undertake these programs flourish and grow, becoming more confident in their capabilities and self-belief.

Through our Excellence Programs we give girls the knowledge and tools to flourish, whilst supporting their talents with care and guidance.

Watch our longer video here which explains our Excellence Programs in more detail and includes students outlining their personal experiences.

Brigidine College’s Excellence Programs are accessible by application only. We encourage you to register your interest for our 2025 applications today via the form on this page.

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